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MEI Online: Materials Handling: Latest News: June 26th 2008


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:: New Larox Peristaltic Pump (LPP-M) for Metering Duties

The Larox LPP pump family has been expanded to include a new pump - LPP-M, ideal for accurate metering. LPP-M pumps have an exact flow per revolution irrespective of the pipeline pressure and have accurate metering throughout the whole flow range. Designed and manufactured for the industrial marketplace, they are ideal for pumping diverse slurries and metering a wide range of media.

LPP-M pumps are manufactured using durable elastomers making them perfect for pumping and metering a wide range of media in variety of industry fields ranging from chemical, construction and mineral processes to food and beverage industries. For the customers the pumps provide substantial savings through improved process performance with efficiency, long service intervals and low maintenance costs.

As the LPP-M pumps are equipped with the standard technical features of a typical peristaltic pump such as dry run capability and self priming, they provide exact flow per cycle, says Mr Matti Riihimäki, Vice President, Pump Products at Larox Flowsys. - Seal less pumps will not get damaged even if they run dry for longer periods of time, he continues.

The LPP-M pumps are compact in design and their robust construction is straight designed to industrial use. LPP-M pumps have also the highest maximum working pressure on the markets and are equipped with a patented Tube Failure Detection (TFD). This patented system is capable of detecting the presence of a large number of chemicals.

According to Mr Riihimäki, LPP-M tube material selection includes two types of tubes: Norprene® for chemicals and Tygothane® for oils and fats. The correct mechanical design and material selection are essential for optimal tube lifetime and factory assembled PVDF adapter fittings allow easy tube changes without error possibility.




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