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MEI Online: Materials Handling: Latest News: May 18th 2010


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:: Introducing ZipaTankTM - Modular Slurry Tank System

The ZipaTankTM is an innovative, fully modular, storage tank for slurry applications, using a novel locking mechanism to provide water tight sealing of pre-fabricated vertical panels, eliminating the need for welding or bolting to assemble the tank panel walls.

The ZipaTankTM system can reduce the capital cost of conventional welded slurry tanks by up to 35%, with installation of large ZipaTanksTM being 1-2 weeks compared with upwards of 6 weeks for welded tanks. The system is also very simple to use, with no welding required in the construction of the tank, so minimal skilled labour is required.

The ZipaTankTM consists of vertical panels that are locked together to form the tank shell using a compression joint. The cylinder is then bolted to the base. Each vertical panel is manufactured from a single cold rolled section of mild or alloy steel to the total height of the tank. The width of the panel is rolled to match the tank diameter, with all panels designed to fit in a standard shipping container, reducing the transport costs to site.

The key to joining the panels together is the proprietary JoinloxTM joining system, which consists of two interlocking sinusoidal sections fabricated on each edge of the tank panel, which are brought together and then locked with a tensioning key, resulting in a springloaded joint. As the tensioning key is pushed into place, it wedges the two panels together and locks the joint. The mating surfaces of the joint are rubber lined, providing a water tight seal between the panels. This enables high quality lining systems to be applied to the panels under controlled factory conditions, eliminating any need to line at site. This reduces the cost of the lining, and allows lower cost lined panels to be used in the place of more expensive alloy steels. A large range of rubber and GRP/FRP lining systems can be used.

The ZipaTankTM can be used for a wide range of applications, such as storing concentrates, reagents, repulping and conditioning duties, flotation tanks, thickeners and clarifiers as well as all types of leaching applications.




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