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MEI Online: Materials Handling: Latest News: March 16th 2011


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:: Hydroflo Pumps USA Inc. Unveils New Mining Pump

Hydroflo Pumps USA, Inc., a leading pump manufacturer, announces the addition of a Zero Lead Pump to its line of mining products. The Zero Lead Pump features standard investment cast stainless steel components, which perform better and last longer than bronze and other metals used in mining turbines and submersible pumps.

“We designed every aspect of this pump to dramatically outlast other products on the market," said Brian Daschner, President of Hydroflo Pumps. “The investment cast patterns we use are specifically for stainless steel, because stainless steel is two and a half times stronger than bronze. We also have the investment patterns to cast the entire pump in stainless steel for corrosive mine applications."

The Zero Lead Pump also features several other standard key features, such as 17-4PH high chrome shafting (which leads to longer life), Vesconite Hi-Lube Abrasive Resistant Bearings (which last up to eight times longer than bronze bearings), ductile iron discharge heads (which handle higher pressure and are more corrosive resistant than cast iron) and high pressure packing box with John Crane 1345 packing (which is more corrosive and abrasive resistant than graphite packing).

“Since our pumps are so versatile, mining projects all over the world use them," Daschner said. “Currently, domestic coal and gold mines, Peruvian copper mines, Mexicanzinc mines and other dewatering surface mines operate Hydroflo’s Zero Lead Pumps."




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