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MEI Online: Materials Handling: Latest News: January 15th 2012


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:: Eriez Save Serbian Copper Mine from Damaged Crushers

Copper Mine BOR in Eastern Serbia, which is one of the largest copper mines in Europe, has installed an Eriez Metalarm 3600 Hawk Metal Detector to protect their crushers.

The MA3600 is the latest addition to the extremely successful Metalarm Metal Detector Range. Its high detection sensitivity ensures that even the smallest problematic tramp metal can be detected; thus providing better protection for conveyors, crushers and other equipment along a process line. These sensitive detectors are easily fitted to any belt conveyor and visual and audible alarms can be included if required.

For this particular application, Eriez recommended the MA3600 Hawk instead of a balanced coil due to sensitivity requirements and for decreased product effect. The Hawk picks up less signal from the conductive properties in the product, in this case the copper in the copper ore, leading to a decreased number of false trips on the metal detector.

Copper Mine BOR installed the Eriez Hawk into their process line conveying copper ore travelling at 1.7m/s with a burden depth of approximately 500 mm. The material passes through the MA3600 Hawk to detect 60mm plus pieces of ferrous and non ferrous metals and stainless steel. The detected metal can then be removed from the conveyor minimising any damage to equipment.

Eriez worked closely with Copper Mine BOR via their representative in Serbia, Europeocess d.o.o, to solve their problem of metal contamination in their process line. They were very pleased with the installation and commented, “Eriez provided a great service and their Metal Detector has detected large pieces of metal that would of destroyed our crusher if it hadn’t been removed."

Since their first purchase, Copper Mine BOR has ordered a further four more MA3600 Hawk Metal Detectors and look forward to furthering their relationship with Eriez in the future.




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