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MEI Online: Materials Handling: Latest News: October 29th 2013


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:: Chinese Slurry Pump Technology Strikes Gold in Outperforming Foreign Counterparts


Slurry pumps designed by the China Coal Research Institute, Coal Preparation Branch and manufactured in China by Shijiazhuang Industrial Pump Factory (SGB), are so efficient that they have now replaced imported pumps used in the mining industries. The Director of FavorSea Industrial Channel, which is the overseas marketing arm for SGB slurry pumps, is so confident in the high quality, durability and performance of the SGB pumps, he is currently looking for overseas clients willing to test the pumps.

"Chinese mining technology has made great strides over the past 30 years," said Barney Bai, and with an efficiency rating that is nearly 10% better than imported pumps, we want to offer overseas operations the chance to test our slurry pump against the ones they are currently using so they can see the difference for themselves. There is a misconception by customers outside of China who see our products as cheap and of poor quality. This is our chance to prove them wrong, and showcase this highly efficient, wear resistant product."

This success has not happened for SGB overnight, who began working on the design of the pumps back in the 1980ís. Around this time, imported pumps, and their authorized manufacturer in China, held the lionís share of the market. Prior to this, in 1983, the only slurry pumps that were manufactured under the Ministry of Machinery, were sand pumps introduced from the former Soviet Union. These sand pumps had an average operating efficiency of less than 40% and a short shelf life.

Imported pumps were seen to be the solution albeit manufactured in China, so by the mid 80ís imported pumps were accepted as the norm in the Chinese mining industry and, in particular, the coal and mineral processing industry. By 1990, the market share of imported pumps reached about 90%. The Coal Preparation Branch of China Coal Research Institute, by this time had been carrying out a range of market surveys and highlighted the dissatisfaction by users of the imported pump.

Almost all domestic pumps were known for their low efficiency and short service life. Some slurry pumps had a service life of only one week and were jokingly called "Weekly Pumps", which had a severe impact on the operation of the entire system. Imported pumps were expensive, had poor universality and were not supplied in time, leading to their rejection by users.

Addressing this challenge, the Hydraulic Coal Mining Institute of Coal Preparation Branch, specifically set up a pump research and development team. Within 3 years and through extensive efforts, the team developed a series of highly efficient wear-resistant slurry pumps. Even then there was still the resistance to change, with customers equipping their systems with two pumps, the imported one and the SGB Chinese product. However, it quickly became apparent that the SGB pump, with its easy maintenance, low noise and stable operation, far outshone the performance of the imported pump. By 2006, SGB slurry pumps substantially replaced the imports, with 75% of the market share in the coal sector and 50% overall market share in slurry plants across China.

So today, the team at SGB is in no doubt as to the quality and efficiency of the product they have developed and manufactured, and they are keen to share this technology with the rest of the industrial world.




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