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MEI Online: Materials Handling: Latest News: September 1st 2014


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:: Reducing Wear of Slurry Flow Equipment


Rather than using more specialised materials of construction to reduce wear erosion, the focus of the AMIRA P931B project, "Reducing Erosion in Multiphase Flow" is to adopt a fluid dynamics approach and change the geometry of the slurry flow equipment to redirect particles to minimise the erosion impact.

Reducing wear means lower maintenance costs, less shutdowns and lost production, plant operating at closer to design performance for longer with benefits for product quality, and improved safety through equipment maintaining its integrity longer.

Studies for sponsors in this P931 project series have identified high erosion by vortices and by slurry boiling during flashing, the cause of wear was previously unknown. Design modifications to mitigate this were identified. In addition, design changes to pipe elbows, tee-pieces, impeller blades, pipe joints, valves, and autoclaves have provided solutions or pathways for additional investigations. The general approach is to identify the erosion causes and select the potential solution strategies. Then computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations, in conjunction with physical modelling tests using CSIRO's laboratory flow loop, are conducted to validate the selected design change. The design solutions are included in the growing collection accumulated since 2006.

Companies with CFD modelling capabilities benefit from the fundamental flow mechanism knowledge from the highly successful cylinder erosion test database and the wear quantified for different velocities, vorticity and erosion distribution.

The P931B project proposal is now in circulation and sponsorship is available.




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