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Lodewijks, G., and Ottjes, J.A., Belt conveyor inspection tools based on fuzzy logic. Bulk Solids Handling, Vol.25 No.5, 2005

Fourie, J.H., et al, Condition monitoring of fabric-reinforced conveyor belting using digital X-ray imaging. Bulk Solids Handling, Vol.25 No.5, 2005

D. Eskin, An engineering model of solids diffusivity in hydraulic conveying, Powder Technology, Vol.159 No.2, 2005

Spriggs, G.H., In-pit crushing considerations for conveying and materials handling systems. Bulk Solids Handling, Vol.25 2005

Swindermann, R.T., Cost effective technologies to control dust and fugitive material. Bulk Solids Handling, Vol.25 2005

Gilbert, P., The KD01 conveyor project at Anglo-American's Kyuga coal, Hunter Valley, Australia. Bulk Solids Handling, Vol.25 2005

T.J. Goda, F. Ebert, Three-dimensional discrete element simulations in hoppers and silos, Powder Technology, Vol.158 No.1-3, 2005

V. Matousek, Research developments in pipeline transport of settling slurries, Powder Technology, Vol.156 No.1, 2005

Kumral, M., Quadratic programming for the multi-variable pre-homogenization and blending problem. Journal of the South African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, Vol.105 No.3, 2005

L. Sanchez, N.A. Vasquez, G.E. Klinzing, S. Dhodapkar, Evaluation of models and correlations for pressure drop estimation in dense phase pneumatic conveying and an experimental analysis, Powder Technology, Vol.153 No.3, 2005

Oxley, T. Myers, M., Economics of conveyor systems component selection: the total cost of ownership approach. Mining Engineering, Vol.57 No.3, 2005

Valentine, R. J. Brence, D. A. Stahura, R. P. Marti, A. D., Developing a belt-washing station for Henderson's conveyor. Mining Engineering, Vol.57 No.3, 2005

J.F. Chen, J.M. Rotter, J.Y. Ooi, Z. Zhong, Flow pattern measurement in a full scale silo containing iron ore, Chemical Engineering Science, Vol.60 No.11, 2005

Gawlinski, M., and Gladysiewicz, New generation of seals for bearings nodes in conveyor idlers. Bulk Solids Handling, Vol.24 No.4-5, 2005

Anon, Sophisticated control of steeply inclined belt conveyors. Bulk Solids Handling, Vol.24 No.4-5, 2005

R.K. Sahoo, D. Roach, Effect of different types of impact surface on coal degradation., Chemical Engineering and Processing, Vol.44 No.2, 2005



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