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Full papers of hyperlinked titles can be downloaded via ScienceDirect.



Heinrici, H., Measuring mass flows with beltweighers- possibilities and limitations, Aufbereitungs Technik, No.3, 2007

Gupta, A., et al, A coal-blending model: a tool for better coal blend preparation. Coal Preparation, Vol.27, No.1-3, 2007

Sharma, M.K., et al, Development of new coal blend preparation methodologies for improvement in coke quality. Coal Preparation, Vol.27, No.1-3, 2007

M. Liu, T. Wang, W. Yu and J. Wang, An electrical conductivity probe method for measuring the local solid holdup in a slurry system, Chemical Engineering Journal, Vol.132, No.1-3, 2007

Daumann, B., and Nirschl, H., Influence of the mixing system on dry and moist bulk solids, Aufbeireitungs Technik, Vol.48 No.4, 2007

D.R. Kaushal and Y. Tomita, Experimental investigation for near-wall lift of coarser particles in slurry pipeline using [gamma]-ray densitometer, Powder Technology, Vol.172 No.3, 2007

J. Kilander, S. Blomstrom and A. Rasmuson, Scale-up behaviour in stirred square flocculation tanks, Chemical Engineering Science, Vol.62 No.6, 2007

A.J. Matchett, The shape of the cohesive arch in hoppers and silos - Some theoretical considerations, Powder Technology, Vol.171 No.3, 2007

D.K. Fidaros, C.A. Baxevanou, C.D. Dritselis and N.S. Vlachos, Numerical modelling of flow and transport processes in a calciner for cement production, Powder Technology, Vol.171 No.2, 2007



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