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Kropf-Eilers, A., et al, Energy-optimized belt conveyors- development, testing methods and field measurements, AT Aufbereitungs Technik, No.4, 2008

Lauterbach, T., High-density solids pumps deliver tailings containing high concentrations of dry solids to disposal sites, AT Aufbereitungs Technik, No.4, 2008

Knezevic, D., and Kolonja, B., The influence of ash concentration on change of flow and pressure in slurry transportation, International Journal of Mining and Mineral Engineering, Vol. 1, No. 1, 2008

K.J. Dong, B.Y. Guo, K.W. Chu, A.B. Yu, I. Brake, Simulation of liquid-solid flow in a coal distributor, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 21, No. 11, 2008

Y. Sato, H. Nakamura, S. Watano, Numerical analysis of agitation torque and particle motion in a high shear mixer, Powder Technology, Vol.186 No.2, 2008

B. Daumann and H. Nirschl, Assessment of the mixing efficiency of solid mixtures by means of image analysis, Powder Technology, Vol.182 No.3, 2008

A. Ochieng and M.S. Onyango, Drag models, solids concentration and velocity distribution in a stirred tank, Powder Technology, Vol.181 No.1, 2008



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