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MEI Online: Plant Operation News: Middle East & Asia: May 7th 2010


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:: Phonesack Group Orders Consep Acacia Gravity Leaching System for their Laos Operations

The Phonesack Group own and operate the Khamkuet Saen-Oudom Gold Mine in Laos. Phonesack Group has elected to purchase and install a complete Consep Acacia Gravity Leaching System, which includes all of the latest features of the Consep Acacia. The system includes such modules as:

  • CS4000 Leach Module with concentrate storage cone
  • CS4000 Electrowinning Module with Consep stainless steel sludging electrowinning cell and high efficiency rectifier
  • CS4000 barren solution recycle tank
  • CS4000 cyanide destruction module with control instrumentation
  • CS4000 cathode washing station with filter press

The fully automated system includes a complete control system including PLC, MCC and wiring.

The Phonesack order adds to the extensive installation list for the Consep Acacia, now numbering well over 70 units across the world. Consepís continuous development program for the Consep Acacia has yielded a number of innovations within the last few years. These include a range of add on modules, such as the cyanide destruction module and the Consep electrowinning cell and rectifier package.

The cyanide destruction module was initially developed for a Consep Acacia installation in the European Union where tight restrictions on cyanide in the tailings discharge required a high efficiency destruction system. Several more cyanide destruction modules have since been supplied to similar operations around the world.

Consepís electrowinning cell and rectifier was developed in response to our customers needs for high efficiency, high safety, operator friendly systems. Consep responded to these needs with an all new design that includes such features as clip-free cathode connections, quick release cathodes and slam-safe lids. Many operators of older style electrowinning cells had identified issues with time consuming cathode removal procedures and incidents of heavy lids closing on the operators, risking injury. The lack of new innovations in cell technology led to Consep moving forward with a new in-house design, which has now been supplied to many sites around the world. The cell and rectifier includes all of the latest innovations to maximise electrowinning efficiency, including the latest in switch mode high efficiency rectifiers.




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