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MEI Online: Plant Operation News: Europe: November 9th 2018


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:: AGD Diamonds Introduces Innovative Diamond Beneficiation Technologies at Grib Mine


Following its technical re-tooling plan and the program to improve the integrity of diamonds processed by the concentrating factory at the Grib mining division, AGD DIAMONDS intends to put into operation a new installation for diamond ore beneficiation in the 4th quarter of 2018, which is the COM Tertiary XRT 1200/D separator produced by TOMRA (Germany). The separator has been successfully launched and is currently being run in testing and commissioning mode at the concentrating factory.

AGD Diamonds is the first diamond-mining business in Russia to use this technology and equipment on an industrial scale to detect very large diamond crystals.

A special feature of the COM Tertiary XRT 1200/D separator is the fundamentally new X-Ray Transmission (XRT) method for diamond detection. This method is based on the different weakening of X-rays beamed on pieces of rock and ore or on individual minerals. X-ray pictures are processed by a special algorithm, the obtained data being converted into a graphical form and analyzed by the separator’s computer program. If the data point to the presence of diamonds (including stones of 80-100 carats and above), these are promptly extracted from the flow of ore.

The innovative beneficiation technique has a separate technological processing stage - a re-crushing unit for dense-medium-separation tailings, which involves a state-of-the-art crushing complex consisting of two double-roller mills, DRM 870x1500 manufactured by ThyssenKrupp (Germany).

According to the world’s leading experts, the XRT technology permits to detect diamonds more accurately and process materials with minimal capital input. In addition, this new beneficiation method widens the size range of recovered diamonds to a great extent - from the maximum allowable (under the current beneficiation pattern) limit of 25-30 mm to 50-60 mm and more. Currently, the XRT technology is highly efficiently used at the diamond mines of Lucapa Diamond, as well as at Jwaneng and Karowe in Southern Africa.

The XRT-separation project is characterized by high economic efficiency and a low payback period. The introduction of this technology will increase diamond production at Grib to exceed 300,000 carats per year.




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