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Papers from the conference are published in Volume 17 Number 2, a special Processing and Disposal of Minerals Industry Wastes issue of Minerals Engineering journal. Download papers from this special issue from ScienceDirect.

The following papers are publised in this special issue (with corresponding authors):

The disposal of tailings and minewater sludge using geotextile dewatering techniques
P. Newman

Tailings storage at Lisheen Mine, Ireland
M. Dillon

Co-utilisation of mineral and biological wastes in mine site Restoration
A.W.L. Dudeney

A contribution to understanding the hardening process of cemented pastefill
M. Benzaazoua

Wallerawang colliery rehabilitation: The Coal Tailings briquetting process

Using inorganic polymer to reduce leach rates of metals from brown coal fly ash
P. Bankowski

A comparative study using two methods to produce zeolites from fly ash
A. Molina

Feasibility of thermal treatment of high sulfur coal wastes
K. Komnitsas

Efficiency of limestone and red mud barriers: Laboratory,column studies
K. Komnitsas

Adsorptive retention of copper from acidic mine water at the disused sulphide mine at Lokken, central Norway
R.A. Kleiv

Conceptual process design as a prerequisite for solving environmental problems; a case study of molybdenum removal and recovery from wastewater
P.L.J. Swinkels

Biosorption of lead, copper and zinc ions on loofa sponge immobilized biomass of Phanerochaete chrysosporium
M. Iqbal

Treatment of acid mining waters
S. Santos

The use of pastefills as a solidification and stabilization process for the control of acid mine drainage
M. Benzaazoua

Leaching residue of nickeliferous laterites as a source of iron concentrate
E. Stamboliadis

Modelling of the bioleaching of sulphide ores: application for the simulation of the bioleaching/gravity section of the Kasese Cobalt Company Ltd process plant
S. Brochot

Separation of waste plastics by froth flotation - A review, part I
N. Fraunholcz

Process of dewatering and utilization of mining wastes
H. El-Shall

Minerals from Waste
C.J Mitchell

Characterization of basic oxygen furnace dust and zinc removal by acid leaching
S. Kelebek

Implementation of a strategy for managing radioactive scale in the china clay industry

Characterization of iron-rich sludge: correlations between reactivity, density and structure
I. Georgaki

Reaction-Kinetics of the vanadium roast process using steel slag as a secondary raw material

Industrial radioactive barite scale: Suppression of radium uptake by introduction of competing ions
S. Ceccerello

The influence of particle size reduction and liberation on the recycling rate of end-of-life vehicles
A. van Schaik

Enviromental chemistry and mineralogy of particulate air matter around Selebi Phjke nickel-copper plant, Botswana

Utilization of limestone dust for artificial stone production: An experimental approach
M. Galetakis

Beneficiation of colemanite concentrates from fine wastes by using ultrasound waves
E. Somnez

The Amsterdam pilot on bottom ash
P.C. Rem




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