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Technical Programme

Wednesday June 18th


Poster Intros

Technical Session 1- Tailings Disposal

The disposal of tailings and minewater sludge using Geotextile dewatering techniques
P. Newman (Golder Associates, UK), M. Hodgson and E. Rosselot (TVX Hellas AE, Greece)

New developments in surface paste disposal of mine wastes
A. Cadden, P. Newman (Golders Associates, UK), R. Verburg (Golder Associates, USA) and M. Fordham (SOMINCOR, Portugal)

Tailings storage at Lisheen Mine, Ireland
M. Dillon and R. White (Golders Associates, UK)

Co-utilisation of mineral and biological wastes in mine site restoration
A.W.L. Dudeney, I.I. Tarasova and P. Tyrologou (Imperial College, UK)


Technical Session 2- Coal Wastes

Wallerawang Colliery coal tailings briquetting project
B. Radloff, M. Kirsten (Xstrata Coal, Australia) and R. Anderson (Yarrabouldy Briquettes, Australia)

Using inorganic polymer to reduce leach rates of metals from brown coal fly ash
P. Bandowski, L. Zou (Deakin University, Australia) and R. Hodges (Monash University, Australia)

A comparative study using two methods to produce zeolites from fly ash
A. Molina and C. Poole (University of Leeds, UK)

Thermal processing of sulfur containing coal wastes
M. Zilberchmidt, M. Shpirt (Moscow State Mining University, Russia), K. Komnitsas and I. Paspaliaris (National Technical University of Athens, Greece)

Thursday June 19th


Technical Session 3- Effluent treatment

The Wheal Jane minewater treatment plant Performance to date
C.J.Hallett (Scott Wilson Mining, UK), R.H. Coulton (Unipure Europe, UK), J.Dolan (United Utilities Industrial, UK) and C.Marsden (Environment Agency, UK)

Production of fungal biomass immobilized loofa sponge (FBILS)-disc biosorbent for the removal of heavy metal ions from aqueous solution
M. Iqbal and R.G.J. Edyvean (University of Sheffield, UK)

Efficiency of limestone and red mud barriers: laboratory column studies
K. Komnitsas, G. Bartzas and I. Paspaliaris (National Technical University of Athens, Greece)

The removal of heavy metals from metallurgical waste using biosorption
A. Esau, J.W. Coetzee and F.W. Petersen (Cape Technikon, South Africa)

Adsorptive removal of copper using mechanically activated olivine
R.A. Kleiv, K.L. Sandvik and M. Thornhill (Norwegian University of Science & Technology, Norway)

Molybdenum removal and recovery from wastewater produced by a styrene monomer plant
A.N. Ajah et al (Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands)


Technical Session 4- Acid Mine Drainage

Treatment of acid mining waters
S. Santos, R. Machado, M.J.N. Correia and J.R. Carvalho (Instituto Superior Tecnico, Portugal)

The use of pastefill as a solidification and stabilization process for the control of acid mine drainage
M. Benzaazoua, P. Marion, I. Picquet (LEM-ENSG, France) and B. Bussiere (UQAT-URSTM, Canada)

Development of a modelling tool for the prediction of pollution transport from subaqueous sulphide tailings deposits
R.A. Kleiv, M. Thornhill, B. Bjerkeng and E.R. Iversen (Norwegian University of Science & Technology, Norway)

Efficiency of reactive materials for decontamination of acid leachates
K. Komnitsas, D. Kolitsa and I. Paspaliaris (National Technical University of Athens, Greece)

Friday June 20th


Technical Session 5- Processing of Wastes 1

Leaching residue of nickeliferrous laterites as a source of iron ore
E. Stamboliadis, G. Alevizos (Technical University of Crete, Greece) and J. Zafiratos (National Technical University of Athens, Greece)

Modelling of the bioleaching of sulphide ores: application for the simulation of the bioleaching/gravity section of the Kasese Cobalt Company Ltd reprocessing plant
S. Brochot, M.V. Durance, J. Villeneuve (BRGM, France) and M. Mugabi (KCCL, Uganda)

Separation of waste plastics by froth flotation- a review
N. Fraunholcz (Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands)

Process for dewatering and utilization of mining wastes
H. El-Shall (University of Florida, USA) and P. Zhang (Florida Institute of Phosphate Research, USA)

Minerals from waste- recent BGS and Tarmac experience in finding uses for mine and quarry waste
C.J. Mitchell, D.J. Harrison (British Geological Survey, UK), H. Robinson and N. Ghazireh (Tarmac Ltd, UK)


Technical Session 6 - Processing of Wastes 2

Characterization of basic oxygen furnace dust and zinc removal by acid leaching
S. Kelebek, S. Yoruk (Queen's University, Canada) and B. Davis (Davis Laboratories, Canada)

Technological characterisation of tin ore tailings from Pitinga (Amazon, Brazil) aiming at recovery of uranium
R. Neumann, A.A. Neto, M.B.M. Monte (CETEM, Brazil) and A.M. Tavares (Nuclear Industries of Brazil)

Beneficiation of colemanite concentrates from fine wastes
E. Sonmez, H. Ozdag, S. Koca and H. Ipek (Osmangazi University, Turkey)

Implementation of a strategy for managing radioactive scale in the china clay industry
D. Read et al (PRIS, UK), B. Rabey et al (Imerys Minerals Ltd, UK), F.P. Glasser (University of Aberdeen, UK), and A. Street (SLR Consulting Ltd, UK)


Characterization of contaminated tailings: a case study in Cornwall
A.J. Beer, H.J. Glass

Characterisation of iron-rich sludges for densification and iron recovery
I. Georgaki, A.W. Dudeney and A.J. Monhemius (Imperial College, UK)

Comparative evaluation of radioactive mineral scale generated within the oil and process industries
S. Ceccarello, S. Black, M. Hodson (University of Reading, UK) and D. Read (Enterpris Ltd, UK)

Sustainable development of Ilesha (South-West Nigeria) gold deposit: case for environmentally friendly waste disposal system
J.A. Ajayi (Federal University of Technology, Nigeria)

Utilization of limestone dust for artificial stones production. An experimental approach
M. Galetakis and S. Raka (Technical University of Crete, Greece)

Concentration of magnesite wastes
E. Sonmez and V. Bozkurt (Osmangazi University, Turkey)

The leachability of metals and nickel extraction from lignite coal fly ash
H. Kurama and H. Ozdag (Osmangazi University, Turkey)

The Amsterdam pilot on bottom ash
P.C. Rem, L.A. Van Kooy, P.A.C.M. Haeser (Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands) and C. de Vries (Municipal Waste Processing Service, The Netherlands)

Processing of fine bottom ash
P.C. Rem and P. Bevilacqua (Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands)

Modelling of particle size reduction and liberation for optimisation of material recovery and minimisation of waste generation in recycling end-of-life vehicles
A. van Schaik, M.A. Reuter and U.M.J. Boin (Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands)

Environmental chemistry and mineralogy of particulate air matter around Selebi Phikwe nickel-copper plant, Botswana
G. Ekosse, O. Totolo (University of Botswana), D.J. van den Heever (VDH Industrial Hygiene, South Africa) and L. de Jager (Technikon Free State, South Africa)

Dynamic modelling of the waste infrastructure connected to the base metal industry
E.V. Verhoef and M.A. Reuter (Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands)

Reaction-kinetics of the vanadium roast process using steel slag as a secondary raw material
A. Grausam, B. Voglauer and H.P. Jorgl (TU Vienna, Austria)



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