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MEI Online: People News: Africa: December 3rd 2013


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:: Recognition of Future Technology Talents in Flotation


Outotec have recognized the research work conducted by students at the Flotation 2013 conference by rewarding the best paper.

As continuous research and development is an integral part of technological superiority, Outotec would like "to recognize and reward the best paper submitted for the proceedings of the Flotation 2013 conference with a Ä1000 scholarship".

The evaluation criteria for the award were as follows:

  • The scientific quality of the research
  • The commercialization possibilities of the research
  • The potential effect of the research topic on flotation technology
  • The quality of the research publication

Outotec would like to take this opportunity to reward the following paper:

The effect of energy input on flotation kinetics of sulphide minerals in an oscillating grid flotation cell By M. Safari, M.C. Harris, D.A. Deglon as a best student paper of Flotation 13 conference.

Jussi Vaarno presenting the award to Mehdi Safari at Flotation '13

According to Outotecís Jury

The study Novel research method was successfully applied to study phenomena that have a great impact on flotation technology. The research portrayed a potential basis to improve recovery and efficiency in flotation in general as it is not limited to a single application.

The possibility for commercial applications based on the research is likely, based on the dimensioning and optimization of present flotation processes, but it may also contribute to long term development of flotation equipment.

As Outotecís core value lies in the sustainable use Earthís natural resources, with a focus on the decrease of energy consumption of flotation processes, this was seen as an important tribute.




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