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MEI Online: People News: Europe: September 19th 2006


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:: IMPC Lifetime Achievement Award to Prof. Heinrich Schubert

Mineral processing's highest award, the Lifetime Achievement Award of the International Mineral Processing Congress, was awarded to 80-year old Prof. Heinrich Schubert, at the XXIIIth IMPC in Istanbul in September 2006 (see www.min-eng.com/general/reps/50.html).

Prof. Schubert received his PhD from the Bergakademie Freiberg in the then German Democratic Republic. After many years in industry he then became professor of mineral processing at Bergakademie Freiberg.

He has made many contributions to several areas of mineral processing, particularly in micro processes, developing models for mechanisms in several mineral processing unit operations such as flotation. He has also been a very prolific author of books on mineral processing, his major publication being the three volume "Aufbereitung fester Stoffe", which has appeared in several updated editions containing virtually all the important references. Unfortunately an English language version was never produced.

He has recently edited and produced a massive volume on Mechanische Verfahrenstechnik, (Mechanical process technology). He was the president of the XVII IMPC in Dresden in 1991.


Prof. Schubert (2nd left) pictured at the XXIIIth IMPC with local organising committee chairman Prof. Guven Onal, Prof. Eric Forssberg, the past President of the IMPC Council and Prof. Cyril O'Connor, the new President of the Council.




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