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MEI Online: People News: Europe: Feb.17, 2009


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:: Award to Ata Akcil and Hasan Ciftci

The "Mehmet Kemal Dedeman Research and Development Project Award" by the Dedeman Holding in Turkey was given to Assoc.Prof.Dr. Ata Akcil and Dr. Hasan Ciftci (Mining Engineering Dept., Engineering Faculty, SDU, Isparta, Turkey), based on their researches on "Refractory Gold Biooxidation and Cyanide Leaching", on February 12, 2009, at the Dedeman Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey. The award is given for the purpose of encouraging and supporting people including those who make scientific, technological and commercial research projects for the improvement of the Turkish mining sector.

[left to right] Dr. Hasan Ciftci, Murat Dedeman (son of M.K. Dedeman), Prof.Dr. Nilay Keskin (Dean of Engineering Faculty, SDU), Nazire Dedeman (daughter of M.K. Dedeman), Assoc.Prof.Dr. Ata Akcil during the award ceremony

This project contest (Leave a Legacy for the Future), which began in 2004 , is arranged every year and aims as a commemoration for Mehmet Kemal Dedeman in respect of his mission and causes, and to contribute to the development of the mining and tourism sectors of Turkey.

Mr. Mehmet Kemal Dedeman was born in Kayseri, Turkey in 1903. He was obliged to leave his education due to the death of his father, and started his own business at a very young age. However his choice to move to Izmir, and the need to fulfill his military service in Kahramanmaras, forced him to close his business in 1924. After he completed his military service, Mr. Dedeman began working as a clerk in the Kayseri court, but he left his job in 1931 to again start his own business. This date can be understood in the corporate sense as the foundation of 'Dedeman'. Mr. Dedeman, who began working in the food and beverage business in Ankara in 1934, later became the contractor for Istanbul Yesilkoy, Ankara Etimesgut and Kutahya Military air bases and Kayseri plane factory. In 1945, within the scope of Fast Roads Projects initiated by the government, he headed and completed the construction of the road between Kayseri, Kirsehir and Sivas.

The Dedeman Group started doing business within the mining sector in 1947. The initial undertakings involved the extraction and export of chrome, zinc, lead and magnesium silicate. The first step taken into the Tourism sector by Mr. Dedeman was the inauguration of Hotel Dedeman in Ankara in 1966. From this time on, investment upon investment into hotels and related leisure services were made. Mr. Dedeman, who embarked upon his business with a dedication to the development of his beloved home land, made numerous fruitful investments and donated generously to state health and education institutions; the gratitude for his contribution was expressed with a medallion of highest honour from the state. Mr. Mehmet Kemal Dedeman, who died on February 12th 1998 at the age of 95, was the honorary chairman of the Dedeman Group.

Mehmet Kemal Dedeman

Mehmet Kemal Dedeman




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