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MEI Online: People News: Europe: July 1st 2009


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:: Eriez Long Service Congratulations

Two of Eriez Magnetics’ most experienced Engineers have just notched up over forty years’ service with the Company, with thirty-five of these based at two separate sites in Caerphilly.

Jim Ryall and Paul Genner began their employment in 1962 and 1963 as apprentices with South Wales Switchgear, which in 1968 aquired the Eriez Manufacturing licence.

When Chief Applications Engineer Paul began his career with SWEM (South Wales Eriez Magnetics) back in September 1968 he underwent three weeks’ training in Eriez North American Headquarters in Erie, Pennsylvannia, to familiarise himself with the products and ethos behind the Eriez brand. Since then he has acquired expertise in product applications, providing much-valued technical support particularly in the area of special design. Among his most notable achievements have been the initial concept and design of the first UK Eddy Current Separator range as well as the large special force-cooled Suspended Electro Magnets, the latest of which is currently in production and weighs 43 tonnes. Paul has been instrumental in the UK development of High Intensity Magnetic Filters - including the cast-bodied 800 and 1000 models - and the Dynamic Drum Separator, in addition to Eriez Europe’s more conventional drum designs.

Jim’s career has seen him develop from Transformer Design Engineer at Switchgear in 1968 to Design and Contracts Engineer for Eriez, and along the way he has also gained experience in various activities including buying and production control. Among his noteworthy contributions in the area of magnetic separation is his involvement in adapting US-designed equipment for the European market.

Soon after the Company became Eriez Magnetics Europe Ltd in 1974, Jim also spent several weeks training in Erie, Pennsylvannia. In a career that has spanned over four decades, Jim has enjoyed his time working at Eriez and says:

Paul Genner (left) and Jim Ryall at the Eriez Magnetics Europe site in Caerphilly, 2009

‘Eriez has been a good company to work for. I have never lost the enthusiasm and fascination with the power of magnets and their unseen forces. I don’t think I ever will’

Jim’s many other interests - outside of work - include winemaking, lapidary, woodwork and spending time playing football and painting with his five Grandchildren.

Both Paul and Jim have seen many changes over the years, moving with the Company as it expanded from its humble beginnings as South Wales Switchgear to new locations, finally becoming part of Eriez Manufacturing Co in 1974. Paul, a keen musician who has used his talent to support numerous charity events such as the Company’s annual Comic Relief Initiative, recalls:

‘Our location moved around a lot in the early years as SWEM, we never seemed to have the same home for very long. We began to think of ourselves as Gypsies, possibly resulting in my later interest in vintage caravans.’

The success of Eriez as a provider of solutions to material processors is built on excellence and quality. Managing Director, Paul Fears, is understandably proud of all the achievements made by the Eriez team whose expertise and loyal support is vital to the Company’s success:

‘I personally have learned a great deal from both Jim and Paul in the 20 years I have been with Eriez. Their knowledge and understanding of Eriez’ products is vast and they are always keen to aid our newer employees when asked about applications and products. I am proud to have such loyal and experienced employees working for Eriez. They epitomise the Eriez way!’




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