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MEI Online: Pyrometallurgy: Latest News: October 7th 2004


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:: Re-designed PYRO-JET Kiln Burner - New Burner Generation for Increased Efficiency

KHD Humboldt Wedag AG has announced that the completely redesigned PYRO-JET kiln burner has successfully passed several tests in various European cement plants.The redesigned burner technology has since been sold in many projects, either as a new kiln burner system or as a retrofit of an existing burner. The advantages of the well-known PYRO-JET burner were maintained, e.g.:

  • Only between 6 and 10% primary air resulting in low NOx-emissions and low fuel and power consumption.
  • Sandwich-flame-concept. The centrally installed swirl air nozzle and the jet nozzles on the perimeter of the nozzle system ensure fast ignition and complete burn-out even of fuels with difficult characteristics. The low primary air rate combined with the effective nozzle system guarantees low NOx-emissions.

KHD's burner experts re-designed the system to increase its reliability, availability and operating efficiency The new PYRO-JET considers particularly the trend to increase the use of secondary fuels and the variety of such fuels. Result is an advanced multi-channel burner for firing various fuels with very low primary air rates and excellent flame shape stability.

Main new design features and benefits are:

  • Optimised, robust nozzle system using ceramic and metallic wear protection against abrasion guarantees long lifetime and high availability.
  • Central channels for various secondary fuels, thus reducing the fuel costs.
  • Swirl air nozzle/swirl body for variable independent flame shape setting, thus reducing the power consumption. The centrally located swirl nozzle generates a tangential air stream which stabilises the conical emerging coal dust. Furthermore, it creates recirculation of hot kiln gases towards the base of the flame. This leads to a fast ignition and complete burn-out of the fuel.




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