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MEI Online: Pyrometallurgy: Latest News: March 20th 2015


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:: Duncan Recycling and Refining to Build Plasma Arc Smelter


Duncan Recycling and Refining is open for business and has signed an agreement to build a plasma arc smelter, which will allow them to recover metals from catalytic converters.

DR2 President and Velma native David Nichols said the plasma arc system by Tetronics International from Wiltshire, U.K., will be used to extract and refine platinum-group metals and ceramics from automobile catalytic converters. “We are delighted to have signed this agreement and we are very much looking forward to seeing the plant become operational," Tetronics International CEO Graeme Rumbol said. Nichols said he decided to install the plasma arc technology after he saw the technology in action during a trip to Europe two years ago.

While their building, a 21,875-square-foot facility at 1450 Boren Boulevard, is being built, they’re buying catalytic converters to recycle, he said. Nearly $8 million was necessary for capital and operating costs to start. The plant is expected to be operational this fall and process tons of catalytic converters each day. Following processing, the excess material will be converted into Plasmarok, which can be used as a building aggregate.

By this fall, DR2 will have 65 employees and within one year, will need to add more than 100 employees.



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