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Sulfide Smelting 2002
Edited by R.L. Stephens and H.Y. Sohn

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Hardcover: 558 pages; ISBN: 0873395255
Minerals Metals & Materials Society; (February 2002)
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Editorial Reviews:
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Proceedings of a symposium held in Seattle as part of the February 2002 Annual Meeting of The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society. Forty-six contributions are grouped into sections discussing fundamentals and new projects; smelter gas handling; new smelter projects and optimization; operational improvements and sulfide smelting fundamentals; furnace integrity and smelting slags; and zinc, lead, and PMGs. A sampling of topics: a perspective and a view to the future of continuous copper converting, Boliden's specialized technology for smelter gas handling and effluent treatment, commissioning the Port Kembla copper smelter, thermodynamic considerations in the accretion and dust formation in copper smelting, improvements in the Kennecott flash converting furnace design, iron as an impurity in zinc roasting, and predicting phase equilibria in oxide and sulphide systems.

Fathi Habashi, Laval University, Quebec City, Canada. Email: fathi.habashi@arul.ulaval.ca

This is the proceedings of a symposium held during the TMS Annual Meeting in Seattle, Washington, February 17-21, 2002 and the third in the series Sulfide Smelting. The first was held in 1983 and the second in 1988. In the Preface, the editors point out that metal prices in real dollars will continue to decline and it is necessary to have the most efficient processes for economic survival. The collection of papers in this volume is aimed towards this goal.

The opening paper is by David B. George of Kennecott Utah Copper Corporation reporting on the success of the new continuous copper converting process. In this process, the Pierce-Smith converter has been replaced by a flash converting furnace.

This is followed by a number of papers on the fundamentals of flash smelting, kinetics, ignition temperature of sulfide concentrates, plant practice, gas handling, elemental sulfur production from SO2, an update of the Australian technology Isasmelt and the South African Ausmelt converter. A paper on bioleaching of sulfide concentrates seems to be out of place; may be the editors included it because the hydrometallurgical operation is within a smelter.

A particularly interesting paper is that describing the reduction of NOX emission in a sulfuric acid plant. The author describes the first gas phase NOX destruction process to be incorporated into a commercial scale acid plant, based on a catalytic reaction with ammonia to form nitrogen and water. The process is located at the Budel Zinc plant in The Netherlands.

The volume is very well produced, has an attractive cover, and seems to be free from typographical errors. Congratulations.




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