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Chloride Metallurgy 2002

These two volumes are the proceedings of the 32nd Annual Meeting of the Hydrometallurgy Division of the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy, and Petroleum held in Montreal in October 2002. The first conference on this topic was held in Brussels in 1977 and was entitled "Chloride Hydrometallurgy" followed by another in 1982 in Dallas, Texas and was entitled "Chloride Electrometallurgy". The present conference is much larger in scope. It provides a theoretical and an engineering approach to topics such as lixiviant regeneration through pyrohydrolosis or (membrane) electrolysis, fluid bed and spray roaster, energy recovery, formation and handling of dioxins and furans, chlorination of sulphides, autoclave leaching of sulphide and oxide ores (laterites), solvent extraction, electrowinning in chloride solutions and molten salts, materials of construction, and recycling of a number of metal-containing waste material. Author and subject indexes are provided together with a historical introduction on the discovery of chlorine and a couple of excellent review papers.

The two volumes contain a wealth of information that are not only useful to hydrometallurgists but to pyro- and electrometallurgists as well. Hence the title of the volume is quite appropriate. A large number of the authors are well known metallurgists with extensive experience, thus their contributions are certainly authoritative. A number of new and some old processes have been reported at this conference.




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