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Flash Smelting : Analysis, Control and Optimization
by W.G. Davenport, D.M. Jones, M.J. King, E.H. Partelpoeg

Amazon Price: $66.00 / 59.50 / CDN$ 101.54
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Paperback (June 2001)
Minerals Metals & Materials Society; ISBN: 0873394992
Availability: This title usually ships within 4-6 weeks.

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Book Description:
This book, an updated version of the first edition, chronicles recent developments made in flash furnaces and the process of flash smelting. Divided into two sections, a descriptive section and a mathematical section, this edition includes the contributions of two new authors, updated information that reflects current industrial practices, and an updated mathematical approach. The first edition of Flash Smelting has been used by industrial engineers to control and optimise their flash furnaces.




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