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MEI Online: Pyrometallurgy: Conference Reports: New Technology Implementation in Metallurgical Processes Symposium


New Technology Implementation in Metallurgical Processes Symposium
Montreal, Canada,
August 11-16, 2002

The 29 papers selected for this symposium, held during the Conference of Metallurgists Meeting, came from Canada and 12 other countries. Sessions were held on recycling, pyrometallurgical processes, furnace technology, instrumentation and computer modeling and hydrometallurgical and biological processes.

Fluorine received some focus in the symposium. A novel high-intensity smelting furnace, developed by Vortec and currently operated commercially for conversion of spent pot liner into glass with recovery of fluoride products, was described. Results from plant trials of a novel membrane technology developed by Air Liquide for recovering sulphur hexafluoride from the exhaust gases of a magnesium casting operations were presented and discussed.

A major improvement in the upgrading of bismuth from the dross produced in the Kroll-Betterton process was described. Results of continuous converting of copper-nickel matte at the pilot scale were discussed by Inco, increasing the body of knowledge with regards to the metallurgy of this process.

The wide range (~100) commercial applications of the Torbed reactor and recent design modifications were reviewed. A new after-burner system designed by Hatch and CSMA to safely burn the hot dusty, carbon monoxide bearing off-gas from a laterite electric smelting furnace was outlined. An unusual method of operating a DC electric arc furnace was described, in which one member of an electrode pair is immersed in the metallic or matte phase and the otherin the slag layer; it is claimed that this gives operational advantages for slag cleaning applications compared to conventional AC operation.

A full session was devoted to sensor development and computer modeling of plant processes. One highlight was a description of an empirical kinetic process model involving 36 variables to optimize the hot stage zinc dust purification plant at Comincos Trail operation.

The developments in effluent purification procedures were addressed in a number of papers including an interesting contrast between the BioteQ Environmental Technologies high rate systems and the Boojum Research Ecological Engineering approach to the control and purification of aqueous effluents.

The Symposium Proceedings are published in book form in combination with the International Symposium on Ladle and Tundish Metallurgy. Copies can be purchased by contacting The Metallurgical Society of CIM by phone at 1-514-939-2710 ext. 327, by fax at 1-514-939-9160, by e-mail at metsoc@cim.org or via the website at www.metsoc.org. The cost is CAN$ 145 for non-members, CAN$115 for members and CAN$95 for students, plus mailing charges of CAN$7 in Canada and CAN$15 for international orders.

Mike Sudbury. Email: msudbury@cogeco.ca




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