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MEI Online: Reagents: Latest News: January 26th 2004

:: Cognis Announces New Staging Configurations For Copper Solvent Extraction Plants  

Cognis, the world’s leading producer of copper solvent extraction reagents, announces new staging configurations for copper solvent extraction plants: the 3 extract 1 strip stage (3E,1S) configuration and the Special Series Parallel configurations. Dr. Gary Kordosky of Cognis Corporation states "The 3 extract 1 strip configuration is designed for those situations where both high copper recovery and a high copper net transfer are desired. The 3E,1S configuration is particularly applicable for solutions having a relatively high pH and / or high buffering and a relatively high copper concentration. Advantages of the new 3E,1S configuration over the traditional 2E,2S configuration include higher copper recovery for the same capital cost, higher net copper transfer for the reagent and greater flexibility to use a low acid strip electrolyte."

Hans Hein of Cognis commented on the new Special Series Parallel configurations. "The new configurations result in higher copper recovery than the Traditional Series Parallel configuration." He cited the example of a commercial copper solvent extraction plant that changed to the new Special Series Parallel configuration. Under the exact same conditions, the plant began to achieve > 92% copper recovery, which was greater than a 2% increase over the 90% recovery results the plant achieved using the traditional Series Parallel configuration.

The new Cognis stage configurations result in a number of benefits: lower operating costs, higher copper recovery, and --when used in combination with a lower acid strip electrolyte-- higher copper quality, less corrosion, less acid lost in the tankhouse bleed and a reduced acid mist problem.

"These new stage configurations continue the Cognis tradition of innovation, not only in reagent development, but also in equipment and techniques to enhance the profitability of the leach / solvent extraction / electrowinning process," continued Dr. Kordosky. "They complement previous Cognis innovations in leach / solvent extraction / electrowinning technology such as clay treatment, distribution fences in settlers, series parallel staging and specialized guar products for improved cathode quality." Cognis innovation in copper solvent extraction is a direct result of Cognis’ Mining Chemicals business philosophy to work closely with the customer in order to help the customer achieve two goals: produce the highest quality copper at the lowest overall cost, and make the best use of the customers’ resources. This business philosophy has also guided Cognis in providing customers with highly specialized technical services under the "Cognis MSP® Minesite Services Program".




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