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MEI Online: Reagents: Latest News: June 16th 2003

:: New Generation Solvent Extraction Reagents  

The Mining Chemicals Technology group, the world leader in solvent extraction technology, has developed a new generation of low-viscosity (LV) modified LIX® solvent extraction reagents, augmenting its line of low fiscosity and low density reagents. These new reagents are designed and formulated to meet the new rigorous demands associated with the development and evolution of new leaching technologies. Benefits include superior hydrolytic stability, iron rejection and copper recovery rates when operating under extreme conditions.

"Our new reagents complement the current line of Cognis modified and non-modified LIX® Reagents already well known in the industry for their high efficiency, superior physical performance and low-cost metal production," says Steve Olafson, Business Manager - North America. "They are designed to meet the high-copper, high-temperature and high acid values generated in emerging concentrate leaching processes and other new leaching technologies. In fact, our new LIX® 612N-LV reagent has been selected for use in the new Phelps Dodge Bagdad, Inc. concentrate leach/SX/EW flow sheet based in part on the performance of this reagent at the Phelps Dodge Morenci Metcalf plant for more than one year."

The low-viscosity and low-density properties, unique to Cognis reagents, enhance the disengagement of the organic and aqueous phases--resulting in cleaner phase separation and lower entrainment values, especially when operating at high reagent concentrations.

The addition of new low-viscosity, low-density modified reagents to the extensive and proven non-modified reagent blends makes Cognis the only supplier able to offer the full line of copper solvent extraction reagents designed to meet the stringent requirements of virtually any leach solution, operating parameters or plant design. All LIX® Reagents are backed by the extensive Cognis MSP® Minesite Services Program and Isocalc® and Metcalc® computer modeling software.




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