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MEI Online: Reagents: Latest News: March 7th 2002

:: Ciba Specialty Chemicals Introduces new Flocculants Featuring Revolutionary UMATM Technology  

Ciba Specialty Chemicals announces the launch of four new Ciba® MAGNAFLOC® high performance flocculants - Ciba® MAGNAFLOC® 3230, Ciba® MAGNAFLOC® 4240, Ciba® MAGNAFLOC® 5250, and Ciba® MAGNAFLOC® 6260. Manufactured using Ciba's revolutionary UMATM (Unique Molecular Architecture) process, these products offer true multifunctionality across a broad range of mineral processing environments and can be used for sedimentation, filtration and centrifugation.

Conventional flocculant production techniques can result in a compromise between product performance and ease of manufacture. Ciba Specialty Chemicals' revolutionary manufacturing process has allowed the company to create polymers by design which feature a unique molecular architecture (UMATM). This new range of designed products removes the compromise, resulting in maximum performance across a broad range of operating parameters.

The newest additions to the MAGNAFLOC range offer faster sedimentation rates together with improved clarities, improved filtration rates with low cake moistures, and are effective over a wide range of plant conditions. These products can be used in a variety of industries including coal, diamonds, gold, aggregates and base metals.

One of the benefits of using the new MAGNAFLOC polymers is they require significantly lower dosage levels than traditional flocculants, which, in turn improves the efficiency of downstream processes.




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