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MEI Online: Reagents: Latest News: August 16th 2002

:: Schümann Sasol Targets Solvent Extraction Market  

Schümann Sasol, the world's leading synthetic wax manufacturing company, has extended its focus on the solvent extraction industry by launching the high-performance SSXTM range of aliphatic diluents. The move follows extensive research by Schümann Sasol into the requirements of the solvent extraction industry, which uses diluents largely as carrier solvents in minerals extraction processes.

Schümann Sasol Paraffins business unit manager, Petrus van Dyk, said that the SSXTM range of aliphatic diluents had been designed to suit the requirements of customers operating in sub-Saharan Africa, among them leading resources companies. 'SSXTM, a product of the low temperature Sasol Fischer-Tropsch process that uses coal as a feedstock, is exceptionally pure. 'The new product has a high consistency, and, because it is manufactured in South Africa, can be reliably supplied to customers in sub-Saharan Africa,' Mr Van Dyk said. He is confident that SSXTM will meet and exceed the requirements of local customers. 'The benefits of using the SSXTM range of diluents are numerous. SSXTM exceeds specifications related to loading capacity, extraction isotherms and kinetics of extraction of various metals, and resists oxidation by cobalt.'

Three different variations suitable for mineral extraction processes SSXTM 150, SSXTM 210 and SSXTM 250 have been developed. SSXTM 150 is an ideal organic diluent for the extraction of uranium and SSXTM 210 is suitable for the extraction of, among others, copper, cobalt, zinc and nickel. SSXTM 250 is a substitute for SSX 210 in applications where a high flash point and low evaporation rate are required, which are experienced in areas with high ambient temperatures.

Mr Van Dyk said that another advantage to sub-Saharan African customers was the convenience of local supply. 'The SSXTM range is produced in Sasolburg specifically for African customers. Full technical and sales support is close-at-hand for all operations in sub-Saharan Africa.'

Schümann Sasol South Africa is a wholly owned subsidiary of Schumann Sasol International AG, the world's leading supplier of synthetic wax and wax-related products, in which Sasol Ltd has a majority shareholding.




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