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MEI Online: Reagents: Latest News: August 13th 2004


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:: First Industrial-Scale Use of the CombinOx® Detoxification Process

The CombinOx® detoxification process developed by Hanau, Germany based CyPlus GmbH and Inco Technical Services Limited of Mississauga, Canada, saw its first industrial-scale application in January 2004. AnglogoldAshanti was so confident about the profitability and efficiency of the process that the mining company decided to use CombinOx® in one of its gold mines in the African country of Mali. This oxidation technology detoxifies the cyanide in milled ore slurry immediately after the gold is leached. The CombinOx® process is marketed exclusively by CyPlus.

CyPlus and Inco Tech unveiled the new process in 2003. The process combines the advantages of Inco's sulfur dioxide (SO2)/air detoxification process and CyPlus' proven peroxygen technologies. CombinOx® offers the mining company a detoxification process while requiring less investment and lowering operating costs. A CombinOx® plant generally consists of one or more reactors for the detoxification reactions with SO2 and Caro's acid, along with related components such as dosing units. Caro's acid is produced on-site using hydrogen peroxide and sulfuric acid.

In the meantime, CyPlus and Inco Technical Services have continued to improve the process. Depending on the conditions, hydrogen peroxide can now be used directly in the detoxification process instead of Caro's acid. This improvement makes it possible for CyPlus to offer its customers two customized versions of the CombinOx® technology. CyPlus provides optimal cyanide detoxification solutions for its customers with the assistance of laboratory tests and cost estimates.




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