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MEI Online: Reagents: Latest News: April 7th 2005


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:: FLOTATION MATRIX 100 from Cytec to Change the Face of Chemical Reagent Selection

Cytec Industries Inc. has announced the launch of FLOTATION MATRIX 100TM, a new proprietary program for the mining industry, which brings customers to the next level of flotation reagent selection and provides the greatest operational and metallurgical benefits.

FLOTATION MATRIX 100TM is a methodical, consultative approach that leverages Cytec’s nearly 100-year history in specialty chemicals for mineral processing. "By taking our customers through this holistic process we can consistently deliver measurable improvements in metallurgical, operational and financial performance," said Randy Fortin, vice president, Mining Chemicals, Cytec Industries Inc.

The FLOTATION MATRIX 100TM process includes four key phases that draw from a computer-based knowledge base and a series of proprietary tools: Needs Assessment, Reagent Selection, Lab Testing and Plant Testing.



In Needs Assessment, Cytec conducts a thorough evaluation of the customers’ requirements, ranging from plant objectives, characteristics and constraints, to Mineralogy and ore types and desired return on investment.

Using the information gleaned in Needs Assessment, the next phase puts Cytec’s industry knowledge to work for the customer with Reagent Selection. The Reagent Selection phase includes the use of a proprietary knowledge base expert system. This expert system builds on the company’s historical knowledge and allows Cytec to make efficient, systematic recommendations that are tailored to meet the customers’ specific needs.

Once a chemical reagent is selected, extensive Lab and Plant testing, which are a hallmark of Cytec’s superior customer service, round out the FLOTATION MATRIX 100TM process. A series of Lab and Plant tests help to ensure that the custom blended formulations offer the optimal solution. Applying the standardized, systematic information harvested in the first two steps of the FLOTATION MATRIX 100TM process not only expedites Lab and Plant testing processes, but ultimately drives process improvements.

According to Gary Thundercliffe, global marketing manager, Mining Chemicals, Cytec Industries Inc., the recovery and grade concentrate yielded in flotation depends on a number of environmental and operational factors, and is significantly enhanced by customized reagents designed specifically for the customers’ milling process. "With almost a century of industry know-how, we are in a unique position to offer a service that goes beyond simply providing chemicals - into the realm of helping our customers’ businesses grow and become more profitable," said Thundercliffe. "We understand that the right or wrong chemical reagents can severely impact the bottom line of any mining business. That’s why we’ve designed FLOTATION MATRIX 100TM to help our customers select the right reagents to accelerate and maximize return on investment."




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