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Monday November 8th

08.00 Registration

09.00 Introduction
B.A. Wills (UK)

09.15 Technical Session 1- Thickening
Chairmen: P.R.G. Brandao (Brazil) and G.E.S. Valadao (Brazil)

09.15 Murrin Murrin CCD1 rake mechanism modification - the decision and the result
B. Hewitt (Minara Resources Limited, Australia) and J. Belke (Outokumpu Technology Pty Ltd, Australia)

09.45 Designing for paste thickening
I. Arbuthnot, R. Triglavcanin and B. Garraway (Outokumpu Technology Pty Ltd, Australia)

10.15 Recent advances in paste thickening implemented at Ekapa Mining
G. Fogwill (GL & V, South Africa)

10.45 Coffee

11.30 Pasting characteristics of hematite/quartz systems
C. Hernandez (Arturo Prat University, Chile), A.C. Araujo, G.E.S. Valadão (UFMG, Brazil) and S.C. Amarante (Mineracoes Brasileiras Reunidas, Brazil)

12.00 Apparatus designed to feed a suspension of solids dispersed in a liquid in a high hydraulic loading rate clarifying chamber containing an up flow sludge bed
G. Millotte (Flowtec, France)

12.30 Lunch

14.00 Technical Session 2- Filtration
Chairman: I. Townsend (UK)

14.00 Dewatering of fine coal and iron ore- a review of case studies
G. Whitford (Delkor, South Africa)

14.30 The optimization of an improved method of fine coal dewatering
M. le Roux, Q.P. Campbell, M.S. Watermeyer and S. de Oliveira (North-West University, South Africa)

15.00 Performance of Ceramec filters on the Zambian Copperbelt
H. Rea (Mopani Copper Mines, Zambia) and P. Jay (Larox, South Africa)

15.30 Filtering systems for dry tailings deposition
D. Minson and R. Herrera (Delkor South America Ltda, Chile)

16.00 Coffee


Tuesday November 9th

9.00 Technical Session 3- Fundamentals
Chairmen: J. Belke and K. Schommarz (South Africa)

09.00 Solid-liquid separation technology selection considerations for a shear sensitive ore
B. Krause (Ticor, South Africa)

09.30 Aggregation and dispersion of iron ore concentrates slurries and their effect on the settling behaviour and sediment compaction
D.A. Sampaio (Pipeline Systems Inc., USA) and P.R.G. Brandao (Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil)

10.00 The influence of particle size distribution on energy consumption and water recovery in comminution and dewatering processes
A.H. Mwale, D.M. Fraser and J.G. Petrie (University of Cape Town, South Africa)

10.30 Coffee

11.15 Generation and description of capillary ducts in porous media
G.E.S. Valadão, G.G. Silva, V.F. Costa and R. Galéry (UFMG, Brazil)

11.45 Use of high power ultrasonics in processes of separation of heterogeneous systems
O.V. Abramov et al (Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry, Russia) and L. Balmer (Viatech, UK)

12.15 Lattice-Boltzmann and Monte Carlo simulations of flow in pore networks and particle aggregates
J.R. Quispe (Catholic University of Temuco, Chile), R.E. Rozas (Universitat zu Koln, Germany) and P.G. Toledo (University of Concepcion, Chile)

12.45 Stability and phase separation behaviour of systems of particles in a medium with added polymer
H. M. Kwaambwa (University of Botswana), J. W. Goodwin, R. W. Hughes, and P. A. Reynolds (University of Bristol, UK)

13.15 Lunch




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