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Full papers of hyperlinked titles can be downloaded via ScienceDirect.



R. Šulc, P. Ditl, Scale-up rules for flocculation, International Journal of Mineral Processing, Vol. 167, 2017

X. Song, Z. Xu, G. Li, Z. Pang, Z. Zhu, A new model for predicting drag coefficient and settling velocity of spherical and non-spherical particle in Newtonian fluid, Powder Technology, Vol. 321, 2017

R.K. Dubey, G. Singh, A.K. Majumder, Roping: Is it an optimum dewatering performance condition in a hydrocyclone?, Powder Technology, Vol. 321, 2017

S.M.R. Shaikh, M.S. Nasser, I. Hussein, A. Benamor, S.A. Onaizi, H. Qiblawey, Influence of polyelectrolytes and other polymer complexes on the flocculation and rheological behaviors of clay minerals: A comprehensive review, Separation and Purification Technology, Vol. 187, 2017

D.K. Thompson, F.L. Motta, J.B.P. Soares, Investigation on the flocculation of oil sands mature fine tailings with alkoxysilanes, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 111, 2017

S. Farrokhpay, L. Filippov, Aggregation of nickel laterite ore particles using polyacrylamide homo and copolymers with different charge densities, Powder Technology, Vol. 318, 2017

Z. Zhang, F. Chen, S. Cao, Y. Zhang, The solid-liquid separation behaviors of the typical leach slurries in the alkaline processes for alumina, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 169, 2017

L. Botha, S. Davey, B. Nguyen, A.K. Swarnakar, E. Rivard, J.B.P. Soares, Flocculation of oil sands tailings by hyperbranched functionalized polyethylenes (HBfPE), Minerals Engineering, Vol. 108, 2017

C.K. Tan, J. Bao, G. Bickert, A study on model predictive control in paste thickeners with rake torque constraint, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 105, 2017

T. Kinnarinen, R. Tuunila, A. Häkkinen, Reduction of the width of particle size distribution to improve pressure filtration properties of slurries, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 102, 2017

G.S.S. Raman, M.S. Klima, J.M. Bishop, Pressure filtration: Bench-scale evaluation and modeling using multivariable regression and Artificial Neural Network, International Journal of Mineral Processing, Vol. 158, 2017

S. Dryabina, K. Fotina, A. Navrotskii, I. Novakov, The flocculation of kaolin aqueous dispersion by two cationic polyelectrolytes, Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, Vol. 515, 2017

S. Sharma, C. Lin, J.D. Miller, Multi-scale features including water content of polymer induced kaolinite floc structures, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 101, 2017

S. Bourgès-Gastaud, P. Dolez, E. Blond, N. Touze-Foltz, Dewatering of oil sands tailings with an electrokinetic geocomposite, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 100, 2017

M. Huttunen, L. Nygren, T. Kinnarinen, A. Häkkinen, T. Lindh, J. Ahola, V. Karvonen, Specific energy consumption of cake dewatering with vacuum filters, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 98, 2016



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