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This, the 2nd International Symposium on the Processing of Zinc Ores and Concentrates (Zinc Processing '10), was organised by Minerals Engineering International.

Primary zinc production is complicated by the fact that sphalerite is usually associated with economic amounts of lead and copper minerals, and is often contained in a gangue high in pyrite. The complex intergrowths often mean that very fine grinding is required, followed by selective flotation.

Some of the most important developments which have taken place in minerals engineering in recent years have involved the treatment of these ores and in the subsequent extraction of zinc from concentrates.


Papers were invited on all aspects of the processing of zinc ores and concentrates, including:

  • Production of zinc concentrates and the associated problems encountered in comminution and flotation due to the complex mineralogy of Pb-Zn, Cu-Zn and Cu-Pb-Zn deposits.
  • Treatment of zinc concentrates by hydrometallurgical, biohydrometallurgical and pyrometallurgical routes.
  • Environmental issues associated with the treatment of the ores and concentrates.
Delegates in Brisbane
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Continuing Professional Development

Zinc Processing '10 was certified for Continuing Professional Development.



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