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This, the 4th International Symposium on Bio- & Hydrometallurgy (BioHydromet 09), was organised by Minerals Engineering International.

Themes of BioHydromet 09

BioHydromet 09 focused on the latest developments in:

  • Hydrometallurgy: leaching, solvent extraction and ion-exchange;
  • Biotechnology: Development and uses of bacteria and other biological agents in hydrometallurgy, flotation, solid-liquid separation, remediation etc.

Coffee at the Vineyard Hotel
Delegates enjoying coffee at the Vineyard Hotel



The conference was organized by Minerals Engineering International (MEI) in consultation with Dr. Sue Harrison.


Sue Harrison

Sue Harrison has some 20 years experience in research in bioprocess engineering, gained in the industrial and academic arenas. She joined the academic staff of the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Cape Town in 1991. Since then 40 MSc and PhD students have been awarded research degrees under her supervision. She regularly authors peer reviewed scientific journal papers (25 over the past 4 years) and presents research at international and national conferences (21 at international conferences from 2005 to 2008). Her research in biohydrometallurgy centres on metal extraction from sulphidic minerals through tank and heap bioleaching, sulphate reduction and AMD prevention. She collaborates actively with researchers at the universities of Mumbai, Cambridge University and Imperial College London and with companies in South Africa and abroad.

Sue has taught actively into the chemical engineering and biotechnology programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate levels at the Universities of Cape Town and Cambridge. She was awarded the South African DST Research Chair in Bioprocess Engineering, with effect from 2008.

Sue Harrison
Sue Harrison




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