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MEI Online: Commodities: Metallic Ores: Lithium: Latest News: July 3rd 2017


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:: MGX Minerals Announces Completion of Large Scale Laboratory Petrolithium Extraction System


MGX Minerals Inc. is pleased to announce completion of a 1,000L per day petrolithium extraction and water treatment system. The Company has been informed by engineering partner PurLucid Treatment Solutions (“PurLucid”) that the system is now operational. The system is to be used for large scale testing of bulk water samples from MGX's Petrolithium Projects including Sturgeon Lake, Alberta and Paradox Basin, Utah as well as customers and partners prior to deployment of commercial systems.

Following successful trials of its process for lithium recovery in an initial laboratory scale and tightly controlled process, a larger and more advanced system that can process up to 1,000L of oil field brine (6.3 barrels) per lab day has been constructed. The initial system processed 10L per day and produced concentrated lithium chloride samples. “With the core process tested we are comfortable moving to a system 100 times larger,” stated Purlucid CEO Dr. Preston McEachern. “Over the month of July, we will be receiving large volume samples from MGX's projects and now have the processing capacity to demonstrate the benefits of the lithium recovery process as well as upgraded water quality.” The process relies on advanced nanomaterials utilized in conjunction with nanoflotation technologies.

Concurrent with the lab testing, fabrication of a 100-cubic meter (100,000L) per day pilot unit for pre-commercial testing of oilfield wastewater and the lithium recovery system is also underway. Construction of the system began in early 2017 and the water treatment component essential to delivering a water quality suitable for lithium recovery was completed in early Spring. Completion of the pilot plant is expected in September. In addition, design and engineering of commercial scale 1,200 cubic meter per day system is now underway.




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