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MEI Online: Commodities: Metallic Ores: Lithium: Latest News: October 2nd 2019


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:: Lithium-ion Battery Recycling is a Certainty


Lithium battery recycler American Manganese has successfully completed an initial test on the final stage of its so-called RecycLiCo pilot project.

This latest testing consisted of a newly developed proprietary process, which focuses on the recovery of battery-grade lithium, reduction of reagent usage and processing steps. Due to the proprietary nature of the technology, American Manganese is not disclosing all of the results. However, based on the success of this stage, the company expects to file for its third patent in lithium-ion battery recycling.

All testing is carried out at the Kemetco Research laboratory in Vancouver, Canada. Kemetco is a private sector integrated science, technology and innovation company.

‘Lithium-ion battery recycling is a certainty and, with the growing demand in electric vehicles and portable electronics, American Manganese plans to be a global leader in lithium-ion battery recycling,’ says the company’s ceo Larry Reaugh. ‘Our RecycLiCo process would eliminate waste by diverting end-of-life batteries from landfill, reduce mined raw materials by providing recycled materials for the battery supply chain, improve costs by recycling cathode scrap for use in future manufacturing and eliminate carbon emissions with our closed-loop hydrometallurgical process.’

American Manganese first reported high extraction results from the first two stages of the pilot project in April 2019, followed by two more stages which reported ‘high purity’ NMC (nickel-manganese-cobalt) and NCA (nickel-cobalt-aluminium) cathode material results.

The company has received cathode materials from third parties, including international battery manufacturers, and is preparing for full stage testing in the RecycLiCo pilot facility. It expects third party interest to extend testing at the plant.




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