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Proceedings of Flotation 07

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The conference proceedings CD-ROM is available by emailing Jon Wills. The CD costs £55 which includes postage and contains the following papers:


Assay and Characterization Techniques

Quality of data produced by the new automated FIFA gold fire assay facility at the Kalgoorlie assay laboratory
P.K. Hofmeyr (Innovative Met Products, South Africa) and A. White (Kalgoorlie Assay Laboratory, Australia)

Study of native gold from the Kostomuksha area (Russia) using a combination of Electric Pulse Disaggregation (EPD) and Hydroseparation (HS)
L.J. Cabri, V.N. Rudashevsky (CNT Mineral Consulting Inc., Canada), N.S. Rudashevsky (Center for New Technologies, Russia) and V.Y. Gorkovetz (Karelian Scientific Center of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia)

Spectroscopic investigations of surface species formed in the leaching of gold in thiosulfate media
K. Watling, G.A. Hope, R. Woods (Griffith University, Australia) and M.I. Jeffrey (CSIRO Minerals, Australia)


Gold Leaching Systems

Optimisation of gas-liquid dispersion agitators
W. Baguley (Mixtec, Australia)

Anaerobic thiosulfate leaching: development of in-situ gold leaching systems
J. Heath and M. Jeffrey (Parker Centre, CSIRO Minerals, Australia)

Monitoring and minimisation of HCN(g) emissions from a gold plant
J. Heath, J. Rumball, P. Breuer and M. Jeffrey (CSIRO Minerals, Australia)


Gold Recovery Systems

Mixing requirement for resin in pulp leach and resin in leach
W. Baguley (Mixtec, Australia)

Biogenic sulphide for cyanide recycle and copper recovery in gold-copper ore processing
M. Adams (Mutis Liber Pty Ltd, Australia) and R. Lawrence (BioteQ Environmental Technologies, Inc., Canada)

Gold extraction and copper separation from the ore with high copper content in ammonium-cyanide system
M. Kargarrazi, A. Saadmohammadi (Azad University, Iran) and M. Mohammadi (Moteh Gold Complex, Iran)

Cyanide recovery by tailings washing and pond stripping
M. Adams (Mutis Liber Pty Ltd, Australia) and V. Lloyd (Lloyd Engineers APCC Aust-Asia, Australia)


PGM Recovery Systems

The use of very low molecular weight polysaccharides as depressants in PGM flotation
J.G. Wiese, R. van der Merwe and P.J. Harris (University of Cape Town, South Africa)

Solvent extraction of platinum group metals using amide compounds
H. Narita, M. Tanaka and K. Morisaku (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan)

Separation of platinum chlorocomplex ions from base metal ions in fixed bed columns containing activated carbons
R.K.K. Mbaya and H. Kasaini (Tshwane University of Technology, South Africa)

Reactive absorption kinetics of SO2 in acidic chloride solvents: the aspect of platinum precipitation
S.E. Mashoeng and H. Kasaini (Tshwane University of Technology, South Africa)




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