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:: Lynas/Blue Line MOU for Rare Earths Separation Capacity in the United States


Lynas Corporation Limited, an Australian Corporation and Blue Line Corporation, a Texas Corporation, are pleased to announce the signing of an MOU for a joint venture to develop Rare Earths separation capacity in the United States. Lynas is the largest producer of Rare Earth materials outside of China and has captured a significant percentage of Rare Earth materials produced world-wide today. Lynas has expertise in extraction, separation and mining at its mine in Western Australia and separation facilities in Malaysia. Blue Line Corporation is a leading United States processor of Rare Earth products.

Rare Earths separation capacity has been absent from the United States for several years, and the Lynas / Blue Line joint venture aims to fill a key gap in the United States supply chain. Rare Earths are essential inputs to high technology, high growth industries in the digital age. The Lynas/Blue Line joint venture (JV) will help ensure that U.S. companies have continued access to Rare Earth products by providing a U.S. based source. The JV would be the only large-scale producer of separated medium and heavy Rare Earth products in the world, outside of China. Key uses of Rare Earths materials include permanent magnets, catalytic convertors, catalysts, batteries, electronics, polishing powders, and water treatment chemicals. Key end use sectors include:

  • Automotive: Internal combustion vehicles, hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Electronics and Appliances
  • Automation and Defence systems
  • Wind turbines
  • Oil & Gas refining

Lynas and Blue Line will work together exclusively over the next year on the proposed development of a Rare Earths separation facility at the Blue Line site in Hondo, Texas. Initially, the JV will focus on Heavy Rare Earths separation (including Dysprosium and Terbium), however, it may also include Light Rare Earths separation (including Neodymium, Praseodymium and Lanthanum). The JV will be majority owned by Lynas.

Amanda Lacaze, CEO and Managing Director of Lynas Corporation commented: “This is an exciting opportunity to develop local separation capacity for our customers in the United States and to close a critical supply chain gap for United States manufacturers. We already have an excellent commercial partnership with Blue Line serving key North American customers and we are looking forward to working closely with Blue Line over the next 12 months as we develop this joint venture.”

Jon Blumenthal, President and CEO of Blue Line Corporation stated: “We have followed the impressive progress of Lynas as it has grown to become the largest producer of separated Light Rare Earth materials outside of China. We are looking forward to working with Lynas to provide a secure source of Rare Earth materials to both U.S. and international markets and using our technical expertise to produce raw materials for uses in green and other high-tech industries.”




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