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G. Wang, L. Ge, S. Mitra, G.M. Evans, J.B. Joshi, S. Chen, A review of CFD modelling studies on the flotation process, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 127, 2018

V.A. Rodriguez, R.M. de Carvalho, L.M. Tavares, Insights into advanced ball mill modelling through discrete element simulations, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 127, 2018

H. Li, M. Evertsson, M. Lindqvist, E. Hulthén, G. Asbjörnsson, Dynamic modeling and simulation of a SAG mill-pebble crusher circuit by controlling crusher operational parameters, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 127, 2018

M. Hasan, S. Palaniandy, M. Hilden, M. Powell, Simulating product size distribution of an industrial scale VertiMill® using a time-based population balance model, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 127, 2018

Y.N. Kyriakidis, D. Oliveira Silva, M.A. Souza Barrozo, L.G. Martins Vieira, Effect of variables related to the separation performance of a hydrocyclone with unprecedented geometric relationships, Powder Technology, Vol. 338, 2018

M.R. Fatahi, A. Farzanegan, An analysis of multiphase flow and solids separation inside Knelson Concentrator based on four-way coupling of CFD and DEM simulation methods, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 126, 2018

B. Shean, K. Hadler, S. Neethling, J.J. Cilliers, A dynamic model for level prediction in aerated tanks, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 125, 2018

P. Yu, W. Xie, L.X. Liu, M.S. Powell, Analytical solution for the dynamic model of tumbling mills, Powder Technology, Vol. 337, 2018

J. Raisianzadeh, A.A. Mirghasemi, S. Mohammadi, 2D simulation of breakage of angular particles using combined DEM and XFEM, Powder Technology, Vol. 336, 2018

D. Vega-Garcia, P.R. Brito-Parada, J.J. Cilliers, Optimising small hydrocyclone design using 3D printing and CFD simulations, Chemical Engineering Journal, Vol. 350, 2018

S. Jiang, Y. Ye, Y. Tan, S. Liu, J. Liu, H. Zhang, D. Yang, Discrete element simulation of particle motion in ball mills based on similarity, Powder Technology, Vol. 335, 2018

M. Sadeghi, D. Hodouin, C. Bazin, Mineral processing plant data reconciliation including mineral mass balance constraints, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 123, 2018

J. Qiao, C. Duan, H. Jiang, Y. Zhao, J. Chen, L. Huang, P. Wen, J. Wu, Research on screening mechanism and parameters optimization of equal thickness screen with variable amplitude based on DEM simulation, Powder Technology, Vol. 331, 2018

A.A. Harzanagh, E. Caner Orhan, S. Levent Ergun, Discrete element modelling of vibrating screens, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 121, 2018

S.H. Drahman, A.B. Hong Kueh, A.R. Zainal Abidin, S. Nikmatin, Efficient cumulative breakage distribution and breakage rate computation with minimal experiment intervention incorporating optimal time determination for fine grinding simulation, Powder Technology, Vol. 329, 2018

L. Xu, K. Luo, Y. Zhao, Numerical prediction of wear in SAG mills based on DEM simulations, Powder Technology, Vol. 329, 2018

P.J. Witt, M.D. Sinnott, P.W. Cleary, M.P. Schwarz, A hierarchical simulation methodology for rotary kilns including granular flow and heat transfer, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 119, 2018

P.W. Cleary, P. Wilson, M.D. Sinnott, Effect of particle cohesion on flow and separation in industrial vibrating screens, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 119, 2018

R.D. Luciano, B.L. Silva, L.M. Rosa, H.F. Meier, Multi-objective optimization of cyclone separators in series based on computational fluid dynamics, Powder Technology, Vol. 325, 2018

Y. He, T.J. Evans, Y.S. Shen, A.B. Yu, R.Y. Yang, Discrete modelling of the compaction of non-spherical particles using a multi-sphere approach, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 117, 2018

P.W. Cleary, P. Owen, Development of models relating charge shape and power draw to SAG mill operating parameters and their use in devising mill operating strategies to account for liner wear, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 117, 2018

L. Xie, Z. Luo, Continuous, dynamic and steady state simulation of the reflux classifier using a segregation-dispersion model, Chemical Engineering Science, Vol. 176, 2018

M. Capece, R.N. Davé, E. Bilgili, A pseudo-coupled DEM–non-linear PBM approach for simulating the evolution of particle size during dry milling, Powder Technology, Vol. 323, 2018

F. Pedrayes, J.G. Norniella, M.G. Melero, J.M. Menéndez-Aguado, J.J. del Coz-Díaz, Frequency domain characterization of torque in tumbling ball mills using DEM modelling: Application to filling level monitoring, Powder Technology, Vol. 323, 2018

A. Huang, K. Ito, T. Fukasawa, H. Yoshida, H. Kuo, K. Fukui, Classification performance analysis of a novel cyclone with a slit on the conical part by CFD simulation, Separation and Purification Technology, Vol. 190, 2017



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