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The following are a selection of testimonials that MEI Conferences have received...

"The MEI Blog is so informative, informal, relevant and probing."
Prof. Alban Lynch, Australia

"MEI is the glue that binds the international mineral processing community together"
Prof. John Ralston, founding Director of The Wark and South Australian of the Year, 2007

"The word on block all over the world is "don't miss one of your [MEI] conferences"
Prof. Cyril O'Connor, Chairman, International Mineral Processing Council

"It has been Hudbay's pleasure to sponsor MEI and we are proud to continue supporting your mission to foster the sharing of valuable scientific and technical knowledge in the minerals industry. As you well know, it is more imperative than ever for our industry to adopt more efficient and more environmentally and socially sustainable methods and practices, and this can only be done quickly by bringing together the best and brightest minds in our field to promote the sharing of knowledge. For Hudbay, sponsoring MEI's mission isn't just about improving the operation of our mines and concentrators. It's about good corporate citizenship and it is perfectly aligned with our own vision and ESG principles."
Peter Amelunxen, Vice President of Technical Services, Hudbay Minerals, Canada

"We believe in giving back to the industry that has supported our growth, and the MEI conferences serve as a platform for experts, researchers, and industry professionals to share their technical knowledge and insights, fostering collaboration and innovation within the minerals engineering sector. By supporting these high-quality conferences, we actively participate in the advancement of the field, establish or enhance strategic partnerships, and contribute to the industry�s overall success. We are a proud MEI supporter".
Peter Amelunxen, Senior Vice President Technical Services, Capstone Copper, Canada

"Comminution '23 was a great event, perfectly organised, perfect venue, interesting people and papers. For me particularly interesting, the papers by Weir and Köppern on HPGR and the following discussion with Polysius. "To flange or not to flange“ really divides the industry at the moment!"
Holger Lieberwirth, TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany

"It was a great opportunity to join you at Comminution '23. I was really impressed about the perfect organization and high level of the presentations. It is also such a good environment that allows people to really share ideas and make connections. This is key for creativity and for the development of the minerals industry."
Priscila Esteves, STEINERT Latinoamericana, Brasil

"I had a great week at Comminution '23. I presented a novel model to simulate particle fracture embedded in DEM and had very interesting chats with other researchers and delegates from industry. Thank you MEI Conferences for organizing and all the people at the conference, see you next time."
Michael Denzel, University of Leoben, Austria

"A very insightful week at Comminution '23. We were reminded during the week that our industry is built upon great research into the founding principles of comminution and in the same way our future is tied to the success of the research being done by academia and industry’s ability to collaborate and effect efficiency improvement in our great industry."
Marnu Lombaard, Orway IQ, Australia

"I’ve experienced a great week at the Comminution '23 conference in Cape Town. Thanks to all who contributed in that awesome event."
Orkun Öksüz, Minova Process, Turkey

"I had some very interesting chats about my own research at Comminution '23, and got to ask other people about theirs - you really can't beat face-to-face for this, Zoom just isn't the same."
Daniel Lay, University of Queensland, Australia

"Thanks to the MEI team for assembling the world leaders to participate in this prestigious conference [Comminution '23]."
Taswald Llewelyn Moodley, Mintek, South Africa

"Thanks to all the organisers of Comminution '23 for such a great conference."
Nick Wilshaw, GSL, UK

"Thanks a lot for this opportunity to present our research! It was a great conference [Biomining '23] with lots of valuable input by excellent researchers."
Anna Sieber, K1-MET GmbH, Austria

"It was really amazing to attend Biomining '23 and be given an opportunity to share a part my Masters’ research. I met a lot of great researchers. It was my first time attending an international conference, and all I can say is that the experience and exposure was really great, I’m very much grateful for the opportunity."
Nokubonga Given Zulu, University of Johannesburg, South Africa

"I just wanted to let you know how amazed I am by the Flotation '21 MEI conference organization, how timing is met, how information is delivered, how well it all works together. Thank you and the team for all the effort done here, it is noticed."
Fernanda Solís M., Ingeniero Senior de Procesos y Metalurgia, Minera Santo Domingo, Chile

"...fantastic conference [Flotation '21]. There is an amazing amount of great talks, congrats."
Adam Johnston, Transmin Metallurgical Consultants, UK

"Congratulations on a very, very well executed online Flotation '21 conference. It exceeded my expectations."
Shani Engelbrecht, Clariant Mining Solutions, South Africa

"Marcelo Tavares�s key note presentation (�A life cycle-based, sustainability-driven innovation approach in the minerals industry�) certainly set the stage for a stimulating and thought-provoking conference [Sustainable Minerals '21]."
Peter Radziszewski, Rampart Detection Systems Ltd., Canada

"I encourage you all, working on sustainability in the mining sector, to submit an abstract to this conference [Sustainable Minerals '21] - it is always the highlight of my year!"
Anita Parbhakar-Fox, Sustainable Minerals Institute, University of Queensland, Australia

"Thanks MEI Conferences for organizing a great conference [Sustainable Minerals '21]. It was nice to present our results and chat with many great people. Looking forward to the next sessions!"
Karolina Rybka, AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland

"Very much enjoyed the conference [Sustainable Minerals '21] and the panel discussion. Will certainly include it in my agenda of conferences in the future. Well done MEI team!"
Lu�s Marcelo Tavares, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"The Biomining '21 conference was great. I really enjoyed seeing and learning from every team about their work. The panel discussion was one of my favourite moments of the conference."
Kalani Kariyawasam, Johnson Matthey, UK

"The Biomining '21 and Sustainable Minerals '21 conferences were lovely � I particularly enjoyed the networking sessions. Possibly more effective networking than in real life!"
Catherine Edward, University of Cape Town, South Africa

"I have participated and presented in various MEI Flotation and Process Mineralogy conferences, all in Cape Town. I always look forward to these conferences for the excellent organization and the great socializing and networking opportunities that they present, but in particular the concentration of high quality papers and presentations in second to none in our field."
Peter Amelunxen, Vice President of Technical Services, Hudbay Minerals, Canada

"The involvement of several mining companies at Physical Separation '19 created a great opportunity to discuss the importance of our research work. It was amazing to see recent technologies being discussed, like microwave and electric pulse fragmentation, simultaneously with �old� technologies such as screening and sorting - concepts that are being recovered and improved with new technologies."
Rui Sousa, University of Porto, Portugal

"I really enjoyed the conference [Physical Separation '19] for its professional but charming character, friendly organisation by the MEI team and excellent technical attendance."
Jonas Boehnke, Sepro Mineral Systems, Canada

"Thank you for the great organization of Process Mineralogy '18 and a thumbs up for your new Hi-Tech Metals initiative. It was a double first for me: first time attending your conferences and first time in South Africa. Thank you for making this such a great experience on all levels."
Philippe Giaro, University of Li�ge, Belgium

"The conference [Process Mineralogy '18] was well organised and professionally designed for the process as well as allied engineers to update about the materials and minerals characterisation techniques/tools. The quality of the papers presented in the conference as well as the exhibition's booths was well represented by industry, academia as well as manufacturers/consultants. It is also one of the best occasions for networking among the participants."
Sunil Kumar Tripathy, Tata Steel, India

"I would like to thank the organizers as well as the participants for this absolutely fantastic conference [Process Mineralogy '18]. It was my first participation in a MEI conference. The atmosphere during the entire conference was very friendly. As the conference was relatively small compared to other conferences I attended in Germany, the networking with other researchers was much easier. Furthermore, the topics discussed during the conference were a nice insight into the current problems in mineral processing. The academical background of the participants showed that mineral processing is a topic, which affects many different researchers (geologists, material engineers, chemical engineers, etc.). I can highly recommend this conference and would be happy to attend other MEI conferences in the future."
Bjoern Lewandowski, University of Duisburg-Essen/Niederrhein Uni. Of Appl. Sci., Germany

"Thanks for yet another successful Comminution conference [Comminution '18], the setting is as good as it gets, quality papers and excellent networking opportunities makes this a must attend for academics, leaders and process engineers in the comminution business. Looking forward to 2020's event."
Nic Barkhuysen, Derrick Solutions International, South Africa

"Thank you for organizing such a wonderful event [Comminution '18]. Being part of it really contributes to our career and hope you will continue to carry the flag for upcoming events."
Okay Altun, Hacettepe University, Turkey

"This [Flotation '17) is my first time attending International Flotation Conference. It is really a very professional and top class event for the researchers in the field of flotation. Thank you for your elaborated work for this conference. I think I will attend every Flotation Conference in the future with my students. Also I will encourage my colleagues and peers in China to attend this world class conference."
Zhiyong Gao, Associate Professor, Vice Dean, School of Mineral Processing and Bioengineering, Central South University, China

"Flotation '17 was very enjoyable in the relaxed atmosphere of the Vineyard Hotel with many opportunities for meeting friends and colleagues and also meeting other attendees for the first time. The papers on both fundamentals and applications were very valuable, and the papers on a range of existing commercial cells and on flotation devices at various stages of development were a highlight."
Bill Johnson, Mineralis, Australia

"I just wanted to convey my congratulations on a job well done [Flotation '17]! From a presenter's perspective, it was a pleasure being able to provide a talk to an interested and engaged audience. From a booth exhibitor's perspective, we had a constant influx of visitors which made the long trip (and expense) over to Cape Town that much more worthwhile. Nice to have such a conference dedicated solely to flotation with a strong technical program which included plenty of networking time with old friends, new friends, colleagues, and perspective customers."
Jaisen Kohmuench, Managing Director, Eriez Australia

"I would just like to thank you for all the arrangements with regards to the Flotation Conference [Flotation '17] this year. I don�t think people realise how much effort goes into arranging such a big event. It was my first time attending and I was absolutely blown away. Every single aspect was top class!"
"It is refreshing to see such a collaborative effort in aligning the focus for academic research with applications in the industry. I believe this conference will go a long way in bridging the gap between the academics and the industry."
Brian Whitehead, Booysendal Platinum, South Africa

"This was the best Process Mineralogy conference in the series so far [Process Mineralogy '17]. The papers were a good balance of topics and were well-presented. And the business network was productive. This has become a "must attend" for practitioners and operations managers alike."
Norman O. Lotter, Flowsheets Metallurgical Consulting Inc., Canada

"Process Mineralogy '17 was an interesting and very informative conference, in fact it exceeded my expectations! Aside from the opportunity to learn from the presentations, there was also sufficient time for networking or simply to catch up with other participants."
Kate Tungpalan, University of the Philippines

"I really enjoyed meeting all the AutoSEM operators at Process Mineralogy '17 and listening to all of the process mineralogy developments from around the world."
Gaynor Yorath, University of Cape Town, South Africa

"It is a wonderful conference [Computational Modelling '17] for young researchers and really good chance to commulacate with the professional leaders in computional modelling field."
Jiangang Ku, Fuzhou University, China

" I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Physical Separation '17. Many thanks to you all, it was a good conference."
Vivien Delaney, Technical Proposals Engineer, Salter Cyclones, UK

"I must say that I gained a lot of information in Physical Separation '17 on the latest physical separation technologies being pursued worldwide. I felt that it was a very high quality specialty conference by including many of the world's top research and industry leaders. "
Swadhin Saurabh, Millcreek Engineering Company, USA

"My participation was the fourth to beautiful Falmouth to attend this conference [Sustainable Minerals '16], and as usual I enjoyed a lot its overall pertinence. So rendez-vous taken for Sustainable Minerals '18."
Mostafa Benzaazoua, RIME University of Quebec, Canada

"What a privilege to have been there [Sustainable Minerals '16] Yes, indeed!! I am most inspired by the calibre of the young people presenting with the variety of topics their approaches and perspectives and it really does give me hope for a sustainable future for our planet!"
Dee Bradshaw, University of Cape Town, South Africa

"Again, another great conference [Sustainable Minerals '16] with high quality presentations highlighting innovative approaches and solutions that contribute to sustainability and the opportunity to meet and engage with all the delegates."
Glen Corder, Sustainable Minerals Institute, University of Queensland, Australia

"Many thanks again for a wonderful conference [Sustainable Minerals '16] in a wonderful location. Also excellent to see other work that is being done in the mine waste characterization / rehabilitation field and the wider opportunities presented by efficient resource utilization."
Christopher Brough, Petrolab, UK

"... a very successful Biohydromet �16 conference. As always, you arranged ample opportunities for one-on-one discussions with colleagues by way of extended coffee breaks, lunches, the coastal walk/drinks at the Chain Locker, and the mining district tour."
Corale Brierley, Brierley Consultancy, USA

"Just a quick note to say thanks for hosting us in Falmouth. The conference [Biohydromet �16] was well organised and had a raft of interesting topics. I had a great time, and particularly enjoyed the Cornish beer! See you all again soon, hopefully."
Naomi Boxall, CSIRO, Australia

"Congratulations! Top quality conference Biohydromet �16. I am already working in order to participate in the next Biohydromet in Namibia, I hope."
Maria Vila, University of Porto, Portugal

"An excellent seminar [Comminution '16]; lots of interesting papers from plant operations, good interaction with key industry players and academics. We shall definitely participate in the next one."
Tapash Bhattacharjee, Business Head, Polycorp, Canada

"A thoroughly enjoyable experience [Comminution '16]. It was interesting to look at the comminution business from a slightly different angle. Most of us commercial people specialise in a specific area, so good to see what everybody else is doing."
Tim Lane, Sales and Marketing Engineer, Crushing and Screening, Sandvik Mining, South Africa

"I was impressed with Comminution '16 because a positive attitude was maintained in the conference. We got several good leads that are looking like new business for us � both in the mill design and the partner lab area."
John Starkey, Starkey & Associates, Canada

"Excellent conference [Comminution '16]! High quality presentations and discussions. A great mix of application and innovation."
Bern Klein, Uni. of British Columbia, Canada

"Very interesting and stimulating presentations and discussions - both informal and formal. It was great to meet researchers with a common interest and, despite the relatively small number of delegates, I made many more useful contacts than I normally tend to do at larger conferences. If you are interested in "closing the minerals to metals systems loop", with a view to enhance sustainable development of these non-renewable resources, this is the conference [SRCR '14] to attend!"
Jenny Broadhurst, Minerals to Metals Initiative, Uni. of Cape Town, South Africa

"Just a word of thanks for an excellent conference [SRCR '14], one of the best that I ever attended. A friendly atmosphere and interesting interaction among participants. They are also great networking opportunities especially for young researchers."
Argane Rabei, UCA University, Morocco

"Many thanks for organising such a wonderful conference [SRCR '14]. Look forward to returning in a couple of years time."
Christopher Brough, SRK Consulting, UK

"It was a pleasure meet all of you in Falmouth and I would like to come there next time. It was my first time in any MEI Conference and I liked SRCR '14 so much. It has been a great meeting to share interesting research and I take advantage discovering a great area of Britain."
Jorge Castilla, Technical University of Madrid, Spain

"Jim and I really enjoyed the Biohydromet '14 conference. You have done a great job of organizing these meetings so there is plenty of time to interact with colleagues and enjoy activities apart from listening to papers. The coastal walk/pub was a wonderful evening and the Eden Project evening was spectacular." Corale Brierley, Brierley Consultancy LLC, USA

"I agree... that the conference [Biohydromet '14] was a great success... I also look forward to Biohydrometallurgy '16 and hope we will all return to find out how developments of the BIOX� Technology highlighted by Jan van Niekerk , have helped to reduce operating costs; feedback on the Mondo Minerals nickel concentrate bioleaching project following the pilot study presented by Mariekie Gericke and hopefully something from Newmont on the heap leaching project in Peru."
David Dew, Dewality Consultants Ltd, UK

"Thank you very much for a wonderful time spent in Falmouth during the conference [Biohydromet '14] and for a great chance to meet so many people in the field. Hope I will have an opportunity to participate in the next conference in Falmouth."
Arevik Vardanyan, "Armbiotechnology" of NAS of Armenia

"It has been a wonderful experience [Biohydromet '14]. I was particularly impressed by the enthusiasm there is now for bio-leaching and the technology in general. You have done a great job to get all these experts together. Also appreciated the opportunity to be part of the discussion panel at the end of the meeting."
Pieter van Aswegen, PMet Consulting, South Africa

"Thanks for organizing the Comminution '14 Conference. It not only enhanced my knowledge but also helped me identify solutions to the milling circuit I manage. Some of the discussions we had, we have carried them forward as part of the business process improvements. I also managed to identify with a huge pool of knowledgeable people from across the world. I could not imagine communicating daily and interacting with people from SA, USA, France, Iran, China, Australia and various other countries. Some have become my friends, importantly. Thanks so much and I look forward to be at the next conference."
Clifford Farai Mutevhe, Anglo American Platinum, Zimbabwe

"Excellent opportunity to learn.... I enjoyed a lot the conference [Comminution '14] and I will be in the next conference"
Douglas B. Mazzinghy, Anglo American, Brazil

"Thanks to all the MEI team for another great Conference [Comminution '14], great location and some really good papers. A very thought provoking few days with some good insight into the next generation of comminution technology."
Nick Wilshaw, Grinding Solutions, UK

"Thank you for a great conference [Comminution '14] and thank you to all the presenters for the excellent papers presented."
Michael Rauscher, CITIC Heavy Industries South Africa

"Another excellent conference [Comminution '14] ... There was a very good mix of industrial and academic papers/posters stimulating a lot of discussion and exchanges. Looking forward to Comminution '16!"
Peter Radziszewski, Metso, Canada

"Comminution '14 offers a high concentration of potential clients as well as contact with former colleagues and friends within the industry. The coffee breaks, lunches and social functions are an extremely important part of the event."
Chris Martin, RSG Inc., USA

"Many thanks for yet another outstanding Flotation Conference [Flotation '13]. It is now widely accepted that this series of Conferences are 'must attend' events for both flotation researchers and practitioners. The great value of attending the Conference is that it provides an excellent forum for an exchange of views among those doing more fundamental research and those from industry who are able to share their successes and challenges with the audience. This is why the Conference makes such a valuable contribution to the practice of flotation which, as you reminded us in your opening address, is one of the most important of all industrial processes! I look forward to attending Flotation'15!
Many thanks again for your outstanding ongoing contributions to the discipline of Minerals Processing in so many ways!"
Cyril O'Connor, IMPC Chairman

The MEI Flotation Conference is the Davos of the flotation industry. Whereas world leaders go to Switzerland, our customers come to Cape Town. For a small business, based in South Africa, this marketing opportunity is like platinum dust.
Nick Sessions, eDart, South Africa

"I thought that Flotation �13 was the best MEI flotation conference ever. It was a great mix of "academic" and "practical" (i.e. about practice) papers. The posters were particularly good, and contained lots of the new ideas."
JP Franzidis, UCT, South Africa

"I would highly recommend flotation conferences as they are great networking opportunities especially for young researchers who are involved in flotation. I first attended the flotation conference in 2011, this was an excellent networking opportunity for me as I managed to visit UCT where I am now doing my PhD. Flotation 13 was also a wonderful experience for me especially as I received the privilege of presenting at the conference and being awarded the 'Outotec Recognizes Young Talent' prize."
Mehdi Safari, Centre for Mineral Research, UCT, South Africa

"Flotation '13 was a great conference, one of the best that I ever attended. Despite the large number of participants, the features of friendly atmosphere and interaction among participants were preserved. There was a perfect balance between fundamentals and applications.
The keynote lectures were excellent and very good papers were presented and discussed. Helpful people in the stands of the exhibit provided useful information to the participants."
Antonio Peres, UFMG, Brazil

"Thanks for an excellent conference [Flotation '13] which I would recommend to anyone involved in mineral processing."
Holger Hambloch, Idwala Carbonates , KZn, South Africa

"I am very pleased to thank you for organizing the conference [Computational Modelling '13] along with companies and businesses gathered in Falmouth. I would also like to appreciate Dr Barry Wills and the MEI team on their extraordinary contribution to this worthwhile conference."
Maryam Ghodrat, University of New South Wales, Australia

"It was a very interesting conference [Physical Separation '13]! Meeting people working in the same field (iron ore processing) but with different landmarks concerning the iron ore beneficiation in terms of processes and flowsheets was very interesting for me."
Daniel Amariei, COREM, Qu�bec, Canada

"I have attended a number of MEI conferences in the past. This [Physical Separation '13] was one of the best. Very high quality presentations with good discussion. The chairpersons were particularly good at promoting discussion."
Chris Pickles, Robert M Buchan Department of Mining,Queen�s University, Canada

"Thank you for organizing such a wonderful conference [Physical Separation '13]. Hope that I get the opportunity to attend the conference in 2015."
Dr. Arpita Ghosh, National Metallurgical Laboratory, India

"Once again a well organised conference [Computational Modelling '13] by MEI. That's why I bring along doctoral students and fellow researchers to it."
Dr Bertil P�lsson, Lule� University of Technology, Sweden

"This [Nickel Processing '12] was a great conference, well worth the trip to Cape Town. Lots of interesting speakers and delegates and a very nice venue. I hope I can attend again in the future."
Patrick Littlejohn, Uni. of Queensland, Australia

"This intimate conference [Nickel Processing '12] was excellent, smoothly run ... with a good range of papers covering most aspects of nickel processing of both laterites and sulphides. The venue was first-rate and the conference set aside the right amount of time to meet and have discussions with fellow delegates."
Anne Oxley, Alyssum Ventures, UK

"This truly international conference [Nickel Processing '12] was an intimate event where there was a real opportunity to get to know all of the delegates. The conference covered a wide spectrum of nickel processes including flotation, leaching of ore and intermediates, ion exchange, carbonyl refining and pyrometallurgical routes. A balance in the topics was achieved with both improvements in conventional processing techniques and new options for the future being considered."
James Vaughan, Uni. of Queensland, Australia

"I had a fantastic experience during the Nickel Processing '12 conference. It was well organised and ran very smoothly. The venue of the Conference, as well as the reception of various foods deserves great praise!"
Jun Yang, Uni. of NSW, Australia

"This conference [Process Mineralogy '12] has developed into a leading forum for Process Mineralogy."
Dr. Wolfgang Baum, FLSmidth, USA

"Judging from the 44 papers and 12 poster presentations delivered at MEI�s Process Mineralogy '12, the future of Modern Process Mineralogy looks secure. The two keynote speakers, Baum and Miller, delivered useful lectures on the overall modern best practice, and on the emerging technology now available in tomography. The younger authors presented a very high standard of work with new thinking. The overall standard presented was very high, with useful case studies demonstrating value delivery in projects � now including extractive metallurgy, and some new methods under development to add to the Process Mineralogy toolbox. Good examples of the latter were the proposal by Wightman and Evans on a quantitative liberation model for grinding requirements; by Evans and Napier-Munn on estimating the error of grain size measurements; and an outstanding contribution by P�rez-Barnuevo on the development of a quantitative model to characterise the complexity of composite particles."
"By my book, an international conference worthy of putting on one�s �must attend� list into the future. MEI, the organising committee, and contributing authors deserve compliments for such a strong presentation."
Antonio Peres, UFMG, Brazil

"Thank you and the MEI team for a successful and interesting Process Mineralogy '12 conference. I am glad that I could attend the conference as a representative of Hazen Research, Inc., USA. It is always great------ mineralogy."
Hanna Horsch, Senior Mineralogist, SGS Natural Resources - Metallurgy and Consulting, USA

"Thank you for the opportunity for Keramos to be a sponsor of Comminution '12. Cameron and I attended the event in 2010 and thoroughly enjoyed our experience. We look forward to a similarly great event in 2012."
Graeme Dean, Managing Director, Keramos (sponsors of Comminution '12, Comminution 14, Comminution '16, Comminution '18, Comminution '21 & Comminution '23)

"The conference [Comminution '12] is very useful for both, scientists and practicing specialists, working in this field. I would like to thank all the organizers once again for a wonderful conference. TOMS is planning to participate in the conference in 2014 and to be a sponsor as well."
Arkady Senchenko, Managing Director, TOMS institute, Irkutsk, Russia

"Thoroughly enjoyed the conference [Comminution '12], great venue and some very good presentations."
Aidan Giblett, Newmont Mining Corporation, USA

"This is just a short note to congratulate you and all others involved in the organisation of the excellent Flotation '11 Conference held in Cape Town in November. In my view it was the best specialist Flotation conference I have ever attended. The papers were universally of a high standard and the solid attendance and intensive participation of the large audience from the first to the very last session was testimony to this. This biennial event is now firmly established as a 'must attend' for anyone actively involved in flotation research or practice!"
Prof. Cyril O'Connor, Chair: International Mineral Processing Conference

"Thank you very much for your wonderful conference [Flotation '11], it was so much fun catching up with so many colleagues that I haven't seen for years! It just gets better and better. Such beautiful weather for us too. It was great to see you all and have you take us to such a fabulous dinner!"
Gaynor Yorath, University of Cape Town, South Africa

"An excellent Flotation '11 conference. Great papers, great venue, great people, and everything ran like clockwork. Thank you! I sincerely hope I will be back for Flotation '13."
Ian Townsend, Outotec

"Many thanks for a great conference [Flotation '11], well organised with quality papers. I get the feeling the conference and venue is becoming known not only for good papers but also (and of equal importance) as a very conducive networking site."
Martyn Hay, Eurus Mineral Consultants, South Africa

"First and foremost, congratulations for a well organised conference [Flotation '11]. As a Sales man and consultant, I found a number of presentations/topics very helpful in my day to day work. I will be making a follow up on those technological advancements to try and make the Mining Industry in Zambia to benefit."
Peter Chisanga, Blue Cube Systems, South Africa

"It [Flotation '11] was my first international conference. It was excellent, bringing all the big names whom I thought existed only in print. Definitely looking forward to the next in the series."
Tsepang Khonthu, Uni. of Cape Town, South Africa

"I would say that the programme [at Flotation '11] has upheld its well-deserved international reputation as the leading flotation conference."
Norman Lotter, Consultant Metallurgist, Xstrata Process Support, Canada

"This is my first participation in Computational Modelling [Computational Modelling '11] and I enjoyed the conference."
Prof. Luis Cisternas, Universidad de Antofagasta, Chile

"I am very grateful to all the participants [of Computational Modelling '11]. It was very nice to meet people who share the same passion for computational modelling in mineral processing, particularly since it is a very small group of researchers and industry professionals around the world."
Sergey Kovalyukh, University of Toronto, Canada

"A great conference [Computational Modelling '11], very well organised and including a wide range of topics within modelling in mineral processing."
Pablo Brito-Parada, Imperial College, UK

"I spent a really nice time in Falmouth [at SRCR '11] thanks to Barry, his family but also all the other delegates. Organization was just perfect. Social events as well. At this occasion, I met a lot of interesting people, friends and learnt a lot from all the presentations. Mine was the first at MEI and I really enjoyed it. Hope to meet you again at SRCR '13..."
Gregory Lewis, Univeristy of Liege, Belgium

"SRCR '11 was a great conference, I hope that the next one in 2013 will be even better. I must say that MEI team did an excellent job. Delegates got together in a nice and cozy atmosphere. My congratulations to Barry, Barbara, Jon and Amanda."
Maur�cio L Torem, DEMa PUC-Rio, Brazil

"It is the first time I have attended an international conference [SRCR '11]. It was a good chance for me to meet many foreign scientists, researchers and students to exchange research activities and get friendship. I was impressed with well organization, and Falmouth is very nice place. Thank Dr. Wills and his family for organizing good conference. I hope to participate again."
Nghiem Van Nguyen, University of Science and Technology, South Korea

"Thanks Barry to you and your team for all the hard work in bringing the conference [SRCR '11] together. Great conference after-hours activities and I thoroughly enjoyed myself over the full three days."
Glen Corder, Sustainable Minerals Institute, Australia

"I'm sure that SRCR '11 was a great opportunity to increase my network and to get know more about research lines focused on a "sustainability thinking"... so important for the future of mining industries... I'm so glad for it and I hope to be able to attend SRCR '13!"
Juarez Amaral Filho, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

"This was my first participation in a MEI event, and I must say that it was a truly fruitful and enjoyable experience. I express my gratitude to Barry, Barbara and Jon for their hospitality and the excellent organization of SRCR �11, and I will be looking forward to be part of new events. Congratulations as well to all the participants, for the high technical level of their works. I had an excellent opportunity to meet new people, and I expect to be in touch with all of them."
Gustavo Neira, UIS, Colombia

"JKTech has supported MEI and MEI conferences for many years as we believe MEI provides effective contact with relevant people across all disciplines in the mining industry. Sponsoring MEI conferences gives JKTech the opportunity to highlight our quality solutions and technology tools to assist in improving processes throughout the mine value chain. MEI is well respected for being technically relevant and up to date with the latest innovations across the minerals industry, and JKTech is proud to be associated with MEI."
Sarah Schwarz, Technology Transfer Manager, JKTech Pty Ltd, Australia

"Xstrata Process Support (XPS) have sponsored MEI�s Flotation �07 in Cape Town, South Africa, and more recently, their Nickel Processing �10 held in Falmouth, Cornwall."

"The international representation by the delegates and presenting authors delivers relevant conference papers and subsequent peer-reviewed proceedings and transactions in Minerals Engineering at an excellent standard for which MEI has long been known, and more recently, awarded an A* rating and a high impact factor amongst a comparative rating between all mineral processing and related journals. This provides an ongoing archival reference journal of very high value."

"As importantly, the networking dynamic in these conferences is very engaging and offers a great opportunity for technical and business discussions between academics, operations and project managers, and technical service providers. Although these conferences are never large, it is who attends that counts. And in Nickel Processing �10, this was no exception."
Norman O. Lotter, Manager, Business Development, Xstrata Process Support, Sudbury, Ontario

�We have found our association with MEI to be very worthwhile. The conferences themselves are very good, represent value for money and importantly manage to achieve the right balance between academia and industry related papers. Conference administration is professionally handled by Barry, Barbara, Jon and Amanda and unlike some conferences you not only get to meet the people behind the arrangements but also speak to the same people and don�t get shunted around."

"We have also found that the conferences are correctly sized in terms of the number of delegates. Not too large so as to be chaotic like several of the investment focused mining conferences, but still sufficiently large to attract the relevant industry experts for the conference topic and so therefore provide an excellent platform for professional networking. Even after the conference is finished Barry continues to promote interesting metallurgical discussions and information dissemination through use of the MEI website and blog. We therefore look forwards to many more fruitful years of mutual co-operation."
Steve Flatman, General Manager, Maelgwyn Mineral Services, Wales, UK

"I�d just like to thank you and the family for putting together a very enjoyable, informative and thoroughly professional conference last week in Cape Town [Comminution '10]. Very pleased to hear we�ll be back there in two years. Once again thank you very much it was one the best run events I have attended."
Dave Capstick, Director Sales, Deswik Mining Consultants (Pty) Ltd, South Africa

"Thanks for the conference [Comminution '10]. It was a great networking opportunity and an excellent variety of papers and topics were discussed."
Braam Durant, Anglo Platinum - DML, South Africa

"Enjoyed Comminution '10 and met several very interesting people there."
Hans von Michaelis, Randol International, South Africa

"I want to congratulate you on the very successful organization of PIM '10. It was a very useful conference for me."
Asst. Prof. Dr. Adem Tasdemir, Eskisehir Osmangazi University, Turkey

"Thank you very much for Processing of Industrial Minerals '10. It was a very brilliant symposium."
Dr. Ilgin Kursun, Istanbul University, Turkey

"It was a great conference [Flotation 09] for a PhD student like myself: as there were no parallel sessions I could see all of the presentations; I learned lots more about the Flotation industry, and it was a great opportunity for my first academic presentation!"
Kathryn Cole, Imperial College, UK

"The MEI Flotation conferences now seem to have a firm foothold in the international calendar and the variety of papers [at Flotation 09] was just as good as in 2007."
Martyn Hay, Eurus Mineral Consultants, South Africa

"Physical Separation 09 was my first professional international conference which was held in a very unique friendly atmosphere. In amazing sessions, I got a great amount of important insights and useful information. I impatiently look forward to take part in another MEI conference next year."
Golnaz Jozanikohan, University of Tehran, Iran

"It was a great pleasure to meet you at Physical Separation '09 in Falmouth, a nicely organized event that I enjoyed very much indeed. Please convey my best regards and many thanks also to other MEI members, who were very helpful and supportive. Being able to discuss with other colleagues our interests at a greater length, I should also say that Physical Separation '09 was a great occasion."
G. Dodbiba, University of Tokyo, Japan

"I congratulate you for a very successful conference. Thank you very much for everything.
I met valuable colleagues which may result in lasting relationships. This Comminution 08 conference did move my career forward in a meaningful way. It was one of the most productive conferences I have ever attended."
Prof. Tarik Ozkahraman, University of Suleyman, Turkey

"Comminution 08 was a really enjoyable and important conference. It gave an excellent update of the current status in comminution research. Also, thanks to its (fairly) small format it was possible to have informal discussions with those in the field."
Dr. B. P�lsson, Lule� University of Technology, Sweden

"We have received a lot of pleasure from the organization of your conference [Comminution 08]. At your conference we felt as our home. The fine organization!!! I think, your conference is the best of the world on crushing and grinding ores. Also many thanks for yours spouse, your son, your daughter and all your assistants, who helped you to make such fine conference."
Alexander Hvan, Navoi Mining, Uzbekistan

"Cornwall was a very pleasant surprise and apart from being effective business-wise, I had an excellent time [at Comminution 08]."
Hans von Michaelis, Randol International, USA

"It was my first visit to the Comminution conference [Comminution 08] and I would like to send you and your family my thanks and appreciation for an excellently organized meeting. I am looking forward to participating in your future meetings."
Boris Farber, Zircoa Inc., USA

"I really liked Falmouth, wonderful choice of place for this conference [Comminution 08]. Good organization, good food, nice hotel."
Mattias �stholm, Metso Minerals (Sala) AB, Sweden

"It was my third time attending Comminution [Comminution 08]. I enjoyed it!"
Prof. Jorge Pontt, University Federico Santa Maria, Chile

"...the format of the conferences is instrumental for getting new contacts."
Vladyslav Sokolov, PTIMA, Ukraine

"Congratulations on Flotation 2007. It was an excellent meeting."
Prof. Graeme Jameson, University of Newcastle, Australia

"This conference [Flotation 07] will go down in the history of flotation as a point of reference when flotation turned a new page and moved on to its next level of knowledge and best practice."
Dr. Norman Lotter, Xstrata Process Technology, Canada

"Flotation 07 at Cape Town was my first MEI conference. I really enjoyed it and benefited to a great extent. The most important thing I liked was that there were no parallel sessions. So one could attend all the presentations without running from room to room. I appreciate and admire the way the conference was organized."
Dr. Ramanathan Natarajan, Lakehead University, Canada

"It was in my view the best MEI Conference [Flotation 07] I've ever attended. The papers were excellent throughout."
Prof. Cyril O�Connor, University of Cape Town, South Africa

"It was certainly one of the better conferences [Automated Mineralogy 06] I have attended over the years. I had a very productive time in Brisbane and made lots of useful contacts."
Mark Pownceby, CSIRO Minerals, Australia

"We would like to thank you for the accurate organization of the Ultrafine Grinding 06 conference. We enjoyed very much the professional environment yet in a relaxed comfortable atmosphere, allowing professional interchange. "
Andrey Chumokhvalov & Ezry Akkerman, Cyclotec/Leotec, Russia

"Small conference [Nickel Processing 05] - big impact"
Dr. Michael King, Director, Metallurgical Technology, Falconbridge Ltd, Canada

"I enjoyed the conference [Computational Modelling 05]; it brought together some of the key players in DEM and CFD in mineral processing and gave me a good opportunity to bring the capability of our particle mechanics simulation software to their attention."
John Favier, CEO, DEM Solutions Ltd, UK

"The conference [Computational Modelling 05] was very informative and provided me with an opportunity to interact with the experts in this growing field of mineral processing."
PK Banerjee, R&D, Tata Steel, India

"I found my participation at BioHydromet 05 to have been beneficial and am looking forward to Reagents 06. I would like to add that I really liked the "small family approach" very much."
Peter Raine, Strategist, Engen Chemicals

"The conference [BioHydromet 05] afforded me the opportunity to meet international experts in the field of biohydrometallurgy and I was able to receive clear directions on my on-going research"
Peter Olubambi, Federal University of Technology, Nigeria

"We were more than satisfied with the event [Reagents 04] .... the money was well spent from the first day. What I like about your conferences is the compact and personal scale."
Ton de Gouw, Akzo Nobel, The Netherlands (sponsors of Reagents 04)

"Thank you for providing a valuable comminution forum [Comminution 04] in Perth. We enjoyed being associated with this conference and the exposure it brought with it."
Sarah DeBono, Senior Process Engineer, Xstrata Technology (sponsors of Comminution 04)

"I wish to congratulate you and your "team" again for the excellence of everything at Comminution '04, and I hope I can be available again for Comminution '06"
Alain Broussaud, Metso Minerals Cisa, France

"The conferences [Gravity Concentration 04 & Comminution 04] were very informative and I will be passing on some information from the CD to my bosses... There was quite a bit of networking to be done, and I also picked up some advantageous processing operations tips."
Andrew Taylor, Equigold NL, Australia

"The whole South African experience was wonderful. It was a great pleasure meeting you and your family [at Hydrocyclones 03] and we look forward to another one of your conferences."
Don Madge, Senior Process Specialist, SNC Lavalin Inc.

"I would like to ... thank you and your family for your hard work and commitment to excellence - a commitment that made Hydrocyclones 2003 a very successful conference."
Khalid Hashmi, CANMET, Canada

"I thoroughly enjoyed the conference in Cape Town (Hydrocyclones 03). It gave me great inspiration for the continuation of my PhD studies."
Jonas Bergstr�m, Postgraduate student, Paper Process Technology

"I enjoyed very much the conference (Processing & Disposal of Mineral Industry Wastes 03) and came back with wealth of knowledge and networking contacts. I congratulate you for a very successful meeting."
Prof. H. El-Shall, University of Florida, USA

"Presenting my flotation simulation program (SUPASIM) at Flotation 03 initiated a lot of interest. Up to that point all my clients were within South Africa. As a result of my presentation, four plant analysis projects were obtained with clients outside of South Africa. This just shows the value of your conferences."
Martyn Hay, Eurus Mineral Consultants, South Africa

"...a good mix of interesting papers, all well presented... very pleasant and interesting people... very useful discussions with solid/liquid separation specialists (at Solid-Liquid Separation '02). The information and contacts I gained will be useful to me in my work, and I feel Larox's received an excellent return on its sponsorship in terms of general exposure and promotion of its technical message."
Ian Townsend, Larox Corp., UK

"The Solid-Liquid Separation 2002 conference was very successful. It was a very useful meeting for me, and I would like to congratulate you on such fine organization."
Prof. G. Onal, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey

"The relatively small-scale organisation of this conference, together with the absence of parallel sessions, created an excellent opportunity and atmosphere to discuss the presented papers extensively... Pyrometallurgy '02 was what a Symposium or Conference should be like! "
M.A. Reuter, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

"This conference (Comminution 01) has provided a good mix for us because we are not only into grinding mills as capital equipment, but we're also in consumables and wear parts for both crushing and grinding operations."
Steve Hall, Bradken Mineral Processing Sales and Marketing Manager

"Not only were the venue and the food superb, but every little detail of the programme was thoroughly organised. I personally found the conference (Minerals Engineering 2000) beneficial for it being focused, productive and small enough to get to know other people."
Giang Nguyentranlam, Uni. of Newcastle, Australia

"High scientific level, as well as attractive field tours and social programme emphasise the professionalism of the organisers and place this (Minerals Engineering '94), already the fourth, Minerals Engineering Conference among important international events in mineral processing..."
Prof. I. Florek, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia
Magnetic and Electrical Separation vol. 6 no.2 (1995)

"...the Minerals Engineering series of conferences certainly deserves a place beside the larger ones such as the International Mineral Processing Congress."
Prof. K.S.E. Forssberg, Lulea University of Technology, Sweden
Minerals Engineering vol. 8 nos. 1/2 (1995)

"From a technical standpoint, as a marketing opportunity, and as a place to renew business relationships, it (Minerals Engineering '95) was first class."
J.B. Mosher, Hazen Research, Inc., Colorado, USA

"This conference series has developed into one of the more important annual events on the mineral processing calendar, offering a forum for both researchers and industrial metallurgists to share views, developments and improvements to existing processes through high quality papers and poster presentations."
J.Q.P. Campbell, Potchefstroom University, South Africa
Magnetic and Electrical Separation. Vol. 8 1997

".....Minerals Engineering Conferences can be strongly recommended to anyone who has a strong interest in Minerals Engineering. The mixture of theory and industrial practice and high quality papers gives them this distinction."
Prof. M.A. Reuter, Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands
Minerals Engineering. Vol. 10 no. 11 (1997)

and lastly, a life-changing experience at Minerals Engineering '95...

"Having completed my PhD, I had been travelling for a year and was located in a somewhat penniless state in London. I determined to write up my work for your journal and attend your conference to present it. I took on a menial job and Frances and I scraped together every last pound we had to attend the conference. While there I got the first serious airing of my PhD work, and made some crucial contacts."

"I met Walter Valery, of the JKMRC, and through him I was offered the JKTech agency for when I got back to South Africa. I also Met Prof Cyril O'Connor of the University of Cape Town, the institute through which I had studied for my PhD. He encouraged me to come and start a comminution research group at UCT, to supplement the growing Flotation group. These two contacts lead directly to the position I have held for the past 7 years, as Southern African Agent for JKTech, and leader of the comminution research group at UCT. Both facets of my work have developed into a wonderful career."

Malcolm Powell, Chair in Sustainable Comminution, JKMRC, University of Queensland, Australia




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