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I. Nancucheo, D.B. Johnson, Removal of sulfate from extremely acidic mine waters using low pH sulfidogenic bioreactors, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 150, 2014

J. Martínez, J. Rey, M.C. Hidalgo, J. Garrido, D. Rojas, Influence of measurement conditions on the resolution of electrical resistivity imaging: The example of abandoned mining dams in the La Carolina District (Southern Spain), International Journal of Mineral Processing, Vol. 133, 2014

M. Masukume, M.S. Onyango, J.P. Maree, Sea shell derived adsorbent and its potential for treating acid mine drainage, International Journal of Mineral Processing, Vol. 133, 2014

E.Y. Yazici, H. Deveci, Ferric sulphate leaching of metals from waste printed circuit boards, International Journal of Mineral Processing, Vol. 133, 2014

M. Zhang, H. Wang, Organic wastes as carbon sources to promote sulfate reducing bacterial activity for biological remediation of acid mine drainage, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 69, 2014

S.A. Northey, N. Haque, R. Lovel, M.A. Cooksey, Evaluating the application of water footprint methods to primary metal production systems, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 69, 2014

T.E. Lister, P. Wang, A. Anderko, Recovery of critical and value metals from mobile electronics enabled by electrochemical processing, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 149, 2014

A. Yoshimura, M. Takai, Y. Matsuno, Novel process for recycling gold from secondary sources: Leaching of gold by dimethyl sulfoxide solutions containing copper bromide and precipitation with water, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 149, 2014

V. Hung Ha, J. Lee, T.H. Huynh, J. Jeong, B.D. Pandey, Optimizing the thiosulfate leaching of gold from printed circuit boards of discarded mobile phone, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 149, 2014

Y.F. Guimarães, I.D. Santos, A.J.B. Dutra, Direct recovery of copper from printed circuit boards (PCBs) powder concentrate by a simultaneous electroleaching–electrodeposition process, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 149, 2014

S. Ilyas, J. Lee, Bioleaching of metals from electronic scrap in a stirred tank reactor, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 149, 2014

F. Xu, L. Jiang, Z. Dan, X. Gao, N. Duan, G. Han, H. Zhu, Water balance analysis and wastewater recycling investigation in electrolytic manganese industry of China ¬ A case study, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 149, 2014

E. Yilmaz, M. Benzaazoua, B. Bussière, S. Pouliot, Influence of disposal configurations on hydrogeological behaviour of sulphidic paste tailings: A field experimental study, International Journal of Mineral Processing, Vol. 131, 2014

T. Havlik, D. Orac, M. Berwanger, A. Maul, The effect of mechanical–physical pretreatment on hydrometallurgical extraction of copper and tin in residue from printed circuit boards from used consumer equipment, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 65, 2014

C. Hall, D.J. Large, B. Adderley, H.M. West, Calcium leaching from waste steelmaking slag: Significance of leachate chemistry and effects on slag grain mineralogy, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 65, 2014

W. Tang, X. Chen, T. Zhou, H. Duan, Y. Chen, J. Wang, Recovery of Ti and Li from spent lithium titanate cathodes by a hydrometallurgical process, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 147-148, 2014

Thi Hong Nguyen, Man Seung Lee, Recovery of molybdenum and vanadium with high purity from sulfuric acid leach solution of spent hydrodesulfurization catalysts by ion exchange, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 147-148, 2014

T. Chen, B. Yan, C. Lei, X. Xiao, Pollution control and metal resource recovery for acid mine drainage, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 147-148, 2014

M.K. Sinha, S.K. Sahu, P. Meshram, B.D. Pandey, Solvent extraction and separation of zinc and iron from spent pickle liquor, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 147-148, 2014

R.M. Santos, Y. Wai Chiang, J. Elsen, T. Van Gerven, Distinguishing between carbonate and non-carbonate precipitates from the carbonation of calcium-containing organic acid leachates, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 147-148, 2014

M. Ijadi Bajestani, S.M. Mousavi, S.A. Shojaosadati, Bioleaching of heavy metals from spent household batteries using Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans: Statistical evaluation and optimization, Separation and Purification Technology, Vol. 132, 2014

M.I. Muravyov, A.G. Bulaev, T.F. Kondrat’eva, , Complex treatment of mining and metallurgical wastes for recovery of base metals, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 64, 2014

N. Papassiopi, C. Zaharia, A. Xenidis, K. Adam, A. Liakopoulos, I. Romaidis, Assessment of contaminants transport in a watershed affected by acid mine drainage, by coupling hydrological and geochemical modeling tools, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 64, 2014

T. Name, C. Sheridan, Remediation of acid mine drainage using metallurgical slags, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 64, 2014

D. Lu, Z. Jin, L. Shi, G. Tu, F. Xie, E. Asselin, A novel separation process for detoxifying cadmium-containing residues from zinc purification plants, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 64, 2014

T. Chen, Y. Yang, P. Li, H. Liu, J. Xie, Q. Xie, X. Zhan, Performance and characterization of calcined colloidal pyrite used for copper removal from aqueous solutions in a fixed bed column, International Journal of Mineral Processing, Vol. 130, 2014

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D. Pant, P. Singh, M.K. Upreti, Metal leaching from cathode ray tube waste using combination of Serratia plymuthica and EDTA, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 146, 2014

T.K. Oliver, B.Z. Dlugogorski, E.M. Kennedy, Biologically enhanced degassing and precipitation of magnesium carbonates derived from -bicarbonate solutions, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 61, 2014

Y. Ke, L. Chai, X. Min, C. Tang, J. Chen, Y. Wang, Y. Liang, Sulfidation of heavy-metal-containing neutralization sludge using zinc leaching residue as the sulfur source for metal recovery and stabilization, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 61, 2014

N. Kuyucak, Management of thiosalts in mill effluents by chemical oxidation or buffering in the lime neutralization process, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 60, 2014

C. Tunsu, C. Ekberg, T. Retegan, Characterization and leaching of real fluorescent lamp waste for the recovery of rare earth metals and mercury, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 144-5, 2014

A. Behnamfard, M.M. Salarirad, F. Vegliò, Removal of Zn(II) ions from aqueous solutions by ethyl xanthate impregnated activated carbons, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 144-5, 2014

F. Bodénan, F. Bourgeois, C. Petiot, T. Augé, B. Bonfils, C. Julcour-Lebigue, F. Guyot, A. Boukary, J. Tremosa, A. Lassin, E.C. Gaucher, P. Chiquet, Ex situ mineral carbonation for CO2 mitigation: Evaluation of mining waste resources, aqueous carbonation processability and life cycle assessment (Carmex project), Minerals Engineering, Vol. 59, 2014

M. Uibu, R. Kuusik, Main physicochemical factors affecting the aqueous carbonation of oil shale ash, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 59, 2014

M. Morone, G. Costa, A. Polettini, R. Pomi, R. Baciocchi, Valorization of steel slag by a combined carbonation and granulation treatment, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 59, 2014

O. Capobianco, G. Costa, L. Thuy, E. Magliocco, N. Hartog, R. Baciocchi, Carbonation of stainless steel slag in the context of in situ Brownfield remediation, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 59, 2014

V.D. Pizzol, L.M. Mendes, L. Frezzatti, H. Savastano Jr., G.H.D. Tonoli, Effect of accelerated carbonation on the microstructure and physical properties of hybrid fiber-cement composites, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 59, 2014

H. Kinoshita, C. Circhirillo, I. SanMartin, C.A. Utton, P.H.R. Borges, C.J. Lynsdale, N.B. Milestone, Carbonation of composite cements with high mineral admixture content used for radioactive waste encapsulation, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 59, 2014

N.A. Meyer, J.U. Vögeli, M. Becker, J.L. Broadhurst, D.L. Reid, J.-P. Franzidis, Mineral carbonation of PGM mine tailings for CO2 storage in South Africa: A case study, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 59, 2014

G.P. Assima, F. Larachi, J. Molson, G. Beaudoin, Emulation of ambient carbon dioxide diffusion and carbonation within nickel mining residues, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 59, 2014

M. Ghoorah, B.Z. Dlugogorski, H.C. Oskierski, E.M. Kennedy, Study of thermally conditioned and weak acid-treated serpentinites for mineralisation of carbon dioxide, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 59, 2014

S. Madeddu, M. Priestnall, H. Kinoshita, E. Godoy, Alkaline digestion of dunite for Mg(OH)2 production: An investigation for indirect CO2 sequestration, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 59, 2014

I.A. Bundeleva, B. Ménez, T. Augé, F. Bodénan, N. Recham, F. Guyot, Effect of cyanobacteria Synechococcus PCC 7942 on carbonation kinetics of olivine at 20°C, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 59, 2014

C. Wang, D. Harbottle, Q. Liu, Z. Xu, Current state of fine mineral tailings treatment: A critical review on theory and practice, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 58, 2014

K. Bru, S. Touzé, F. Bourgeois, N. Lippiatt, Y. Ménard, Assessment of a microwave-assisted recycling process for the recovery of high-quality aggregates from concrete waste, International Journal of Mineral Processing, Vol. 126, 2014

J. Huang, M. Chen, H. Chen, S. Chen, Q. Sun, Leaching behavior of copper from waste printed circuit boards with Brønsted acidic ionic liquid, Waste Management, Vol. 34, No.2, 2014

P.M.H. Petter, H.M. Veit, A.M. Bernardes, Evaluation of gold and silver leaching from printed circuit board of cellphones, Waste Management, Vol. 34, No.2, 2014

H. Wang, C. Wang, J. Fu, G. Gu, Flotability and flotation separation of polymer materials modulated by wetting agents, Waste Management, Vol. 34, No.2, 2014

Y. van Staden, J.P. Beukes, P.G. van Zyl, J.S. du Toit, N.F. Dawson, Characterisation and liberation of chromium from fine ferrochrome waste materials, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 56, 2014

S. Heviánková, I. Bestová, M. Kyncl, The application of wood ash as a reagent in acid mine drainage treatment, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 56, 2014

J.A. Curry, M.J.L. Ismay, G.J. Jameson, Mine operating costs and the potential impacts of energy and grinding, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 56, 2014

A.I. Doronila, L.E. Maddox, S.M. Reichman, D.J. King, S.D. Kolev, I.E. Woodrow, Vegetation response of Australian native grass species redgrass (Bothriochloa macra (Steudel) S.T. Blake) and spider grass (Enteropogon acicularis (Lindl.) Lazarides) in saline and arsenic contaminated gold mine tailings: A glasshouse study, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 56, 2014

K. Kuroiwa, S. Ohura, S. Morisada, K. Ohto, H. Kawakita, Y. Matsuo, D. Fukuda, Recovery of germanium from waste solar panels using ion-exchange membrane and solvent extraction, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 55, 2014

A. Rojo, H.K. Hansen, O. Monárdez, Electrokinetic remediation of mine tailings by applying a pulsed variable electric field, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 55, 2014

G.K. Erguler, Z.A. Erguler, H. Akcakoca, A. Ucar, The effect of column dimensions and particle size on the results of kinetic column test used for acid mine drainage (AMD) prediction, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 55, 2014



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