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D.M. Marques, J.F.C.L. Costa, Choosing a proper sampling interval for the ore feeding a processing plant: A geostatistical solution, International Journal of Mineral Processing, Vol. 131, 2014

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F. Burns, Y. Peng, D. Seaman, D. Bradshaw, The development of regrind–flotation pre-treatment of the CIL feed in copper–gold plants, Powder Technology, Vol. 258, 2014

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T. Neesse, Selective attachment processes in ancient gold ore beneficiation, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 58, 2014

B. Ngabe, J.A. Finch, Determination of specific heat capacity of sulphide materials at temperatures below 100°C in presence of moisture, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 58, 2014

B. Ngabe, J.A. Finch, Self-heating activation energy and specific heat capacity of sulphide mixtures at low temperature, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 55, 2014



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