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:: The Return of International Mining

International Mining (IM), the top global mining magazine of the 1980s is to be relaunched in September this year, its first issue in about 15 years. John Chadwick who managed the original launch of IM in 1983/84, and was its editorial director for most of its life, has put together a top mining publishing team, including partner David Lansdowne, with the aim of bringing real editorial quality back to the market. This is what both readers and advertisers want. This team is carefully building IM’s global circulation to ensure that it is the best and most up to date that has been available to advertisers for decades.

"For 25 years John and I have always striven to deliver our readers the most relevant and interesting editorial and to deliver our advertisers the most comprehensive international circulation," said David Lansdowne. "Now that we have total control, we can guarantee our high standards are met."

International Mining will be a controlled circulation publication offered free of charge to proven buying influences in the industry. The magazine will circulate all over the world to mining company head offices, mines and processing plants, exploration sites, metallurgical facilities, etc.

"With the image problems the industry has and the serious human skills shortages it is suffering, it is now more important than ever that the industry is serviced globally by a magazine of the highest editorial quality," said John Chadwick.

Mining executives and operations managers are encouraged to send in their names, job titles and addresses (and e-mails) to be entered onto International Mining’s circulation list, free of charge.

Please e mail: angie@im-mining.com with your details.

John Chadwick, as publisher/editor, has put together an unbeatable editorial team that includes consulting editor Alan Kennedy, who has a vast knowledge of world mining. Australasian correspondent Stephen Stone, executive chairman of Apex Minerals, is rapidly becoming a leading authority on China’s mining industry due to his work there. European Correspondent Harri Hursti is a mining engineer who has spent most of his career in the development of trackless mining systems - LHDs and underground trucks. In Latin America, Maibí Montoya works at the centre, Lima, of one of the most vibrant mining industries in the world - Peru. In South Africa, Coral Fraser specialises in marketing for suppliers to the industry and represents some of the foremost South African manufacturers and contractors. Coral is a regular visitor to the country’s mines and has a lively interest in and knowledge of the continent’s mining industry. Environmental contributor Dr. Terry Mudder is perhaps the world’s leading expert on cyanide use in mining.

The marketing team is equally as well experienced as the editorial team. David Lansdowne has spearheaded the sales of World Mining, International Mining and Mining Magazine over the past 25 years. George Roman was publisher of World Mining in the 1980s. He has organised mining events around the world. George ran very successful events in China in the 1980s and then moved on to found the Mining Argentina and Mining Bolivia events with Editec, which now owns both. Up to joining International Mining, George has most recently been a key player at E&MJ and then at WME. Phil Playle has been the most successful sales person in the international mining business in recent years. Kevin Lapham is another who has worked closely with John over the past years, establishing a strong reputation in America’s Mid West. In Latin America, Editec, led by Ricardo Cortes, joins the team. John and Ricardo together launched MineAlliance.com. Last, but not least, Shig Kobyashi in Japan represented IM at the start and after many years on E&MJ comes back to his IM roots.

For more information contact the following TEAM Publishing executives:

John Chadwick, Chairman: john@im-mining.com
David Lansdowne, Managing Director: david@im-mining.com
Phil Playle, Advertising Executive, phil@im-mining.com
Angela O’Reilly, Circulation Executive, angie@im-mining.com

2 Claridge Court, Lower Kings Road
Berhamsted, Herts HP4 2AF
Tel: +44 (0)1442 877 829 Fax: +44 (0)1442 870617

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