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:: Elsevier Launches CiteAlert, a new Research Tool for Authors

Elsevier, the world’s leading publisher of scientific, technical and medical information products and services is pleased to announce the launch of CiteAlert.

CiteAlert is a new, free, unique and automated service to notify authors when their articles are cited in an Elsevier journal, such as Hydrometallurgy, International Journal of Mineral Processing, and Minerals Engineering.

CiteAlert was piloted one year ago and after carrying out extensive research and user testing, this new user-friendly service is now in use. CiteAlert automatically notifies authors by e-mail soon after their work is referenced in a newly published article in an Elsevier journal. Authors are eligible to receive CiteAlert notifications if their article has been indexed by Scopus, the largest citation database of research literature.

Weekly CiteAlert notifications are sent to authors of cited articles. Notifications include single cited articles or articles which have been highly cited. Some very popular articles are cited up to 50 times a week. Cited authors benefit as their research is recognized by others in their area of research. In retrospect, focus is given to the citing author and their written article. Self-citations are not included.

During the pilot, 50% of the citing authors indicated that the research described in the citing article was new to them and relevant in their research. Since its launch reactions received from authors have been positive.

“When researchers have their work cited in peer-reviewed journals, the benefits can be substantial. Not only do the researchers gain professional recognition and exposure for their work, they can gain insight into how their research has influenced the work of other researchers” commented Bernard Aleva, Senior Vice President Innovation & Product Development. “This insight, in turn, can advance their research and lead to valuable new collaborations. These opportunities are often missed; with thousands of journals available, authors don’t always find out when they’ve been cited and by which articles. CiteAlert will contribute to solving this problem."




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