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Y. Wang, D. Gao, X. Zheng, D. Lu, X. Li, Study on the demarcation of applied magnetic induction for determining magnetization state of matrices in high gradient magnetic separation, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 127, 2018

J.R. Nagel, An analytic model for eddy current separation, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 127, 2018

N. Peng, Q. Pan, H. Liu, Z. Yang, G. Wang, Recovery of iron and manganese from iron-bearing manganese residues by multi-step roasting and magnetic separation, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 126, 2018

B. Yan, D. Wang, L. Wu, Y. Dong, A novel approach for pre-concentrating vanadium from stone coal ore, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 125, 2018

S. Wang, K. Guo, S. Qi, L. Lu, Effect of frictional grinding on ore characteristics and selectivity of magnetic separation, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 122, 2018

M.R.J. Carroll, K. O'Neill, N.W. Bristow, T. Hopper, S.J. Vogt, M.L. Johns, E.O. Fridjonsson, NMR derived water content from high magnetic susceptibility rock cuttings, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 122, 2018

F. Kukurugya, A. Rahfeld, R. Möckel, P. Nielsen, L. Horckmans, J. Spooren, K. Broos, Recovery of iron and lead from a secondary lead smelter matte by magnetic separation, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 122, 2018

W. Xiong, J. Deng, B. Chen, S. Deng, D. Wei, Flotation-magnetic separation for the beneficiation of rare earth ores, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 119, 2018

T.O. Dizdar, G. Kocausta, E. Gülcan, Ö.Y. Gülsoy, A new method to produce high voltage static electric load for electrostatic separation – Triboelectric charging, Powder Technology, Vol. 327, 2018

R. Rasool, H. Lieberwirth, A continuum based numerical modelling approach for the simulation of WHIMS, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 118, 2018



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