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D. Kumar, S.M. Iveson, K.P. Galvin, Dry separation using a fluidized Sink-Hole, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 127, 2018

K. Xue, J. Han, F. Jiao, W. Liu, W. Qin, L. Cai, T. Xu, Comprehensive utilization of spent magnesia-chrome refractories with gravity separation followed by flotation, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 127, 2018

M.R. Fatahi, A. Farzanegan, An analysis of multiphase flow and solids separation inside Knelson Concentrator based on four-way coupling of CFD and DEM simulation methods, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 126, 2018

K.P. Galvin, J. Zhou, K. van Netten, Dense medium separation in an inverted fluidised bed system, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 126, 2018

K.P. Galvin, S.M. Iveson, D.M. Hunter, Deconvolution of fractionation data to deduce consistent washability and partition curves for a mineral separator, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 125, 2018

T.D. Nguyen, A.V. Nguyen, C. Lin, J.D. Miller, Application of high-resolution X-ray microcomputed tomography for coal washability analysis, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 124, 2018

L.C. Woollacott, On the size dependence of the King stratification index, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 124, 2018

A. Ghaffari, A. Farzanegan, An investigation on laboratory Knelson Concentrator separation performance: Part 3: Multi-component feed separation modelling, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 122, 2018

D. Izerdem, E.C. Orhan, O. Ozcan, E. Alpay, Application of density tracers in a dense medium circuit: A case study, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 121, 2018

T.D.H. McGrath, J.J. Eksteen, P. Bode, Assessing the amenability of a free milling gold ore to coarse particle gangue rejection, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 120, 2018

J. Chladek, C.K. Jayarathna, B.M.E. Moldestad, L. Tokheim, Fluidized bed classification of particles of different size and density, Chemical Engineering Science, Vol. 177, 2018

T. Napier-Munn, The dense medium cyclone past, present and future, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 116, 2018

L. Xie, Z. Luo, Continuous, dynamic and steady state simulation of the reflux classifier using a segregation-dispersion model, Chemical Engineering Science, Vol. 176, 2018

N.H. Syed, J.E. Dickinson, K.P. Galvin, R. Moreno-Atanasio, Continuous, dynamic and steady state simulation of the reflux classifier using a segregation-dispersion model, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 115, 2018

L. Meng, J. Gao, Y. Zhong, Z. Wang, K. Chen, Z. Guo, Supergravity separation for recovering Pb and Sn from electronic waste, Separation and Purification Technology, Vol. 191, 2018



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