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Special Issue of Minerals Engineering

Selected papers from the conference have been published in Volume 73 (March 2015), a special issue of Minerals Engineering. The papers can be viewed and downloaded at ScienceDirect.


Comminution '14 USB


The conference proceedings USB is available by emailing Jon Wills. The cost is £95 which includes postage and contains the following papers:


Keynote Lecture: The next stage of evolution in comminution
A. Muir (AngloGold Ashanti, South Africa)

Implementation of dynamic simulation at Anglo Platinum
G. Asbjörnsson, E. Hulthén and M. Evertsson (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden)

Mechanistic modeling of the vertical shaft impact crusher (VSI)
E.R. da Cunha, R.M. de Carvalho and L.M. Tavares (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Control systems for improvement of cone crusher yield and operation
M. Evertsson and E. Hulthén (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden) and M. Nordström (Roctim AB, Sweden)

Validation of product size distribution and throughput predicted by DEM for a cone crusher
P.W. Cleary, G.W. Delaney, M.D. Sinnott (CSIRO Computational Informatics, Australia) and R.D. Morrison (JKMRC, Australia)

Strategies for size reduction control in cone crushers
P. Itävuo, T. Väyrynen, M. Vilkko (Tampere University of Technology, Finland) and A. Jaatinen (Metso Automation, Finland)

Real-time optimization of a speed controlled cone crusher in an iron ore application
E. Hulthén, M. Evertsson (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden), K. Hofling (Roctim AB, Sweden), E. Öberg, A. Apelqvist and Å. Sundvall (LKAB, Sweden)

Adaptive mass flow sensor calibration method for crushing circuits
T. Väyrynen, P. Itävuo, M. Vilkko (Tampere University of Technology, Finland) and A. Jaatinen (Metso Automation, Finland)

Modelling the influence on power draw of the slurry phase in autogenous (AG), semi-autogenous (SAG) and ball mills
S.Morrell (Citic SMCC Process Technology Pty Ltd, Australia)

Predicting the evolution of rock size distribution, throughput and product size in AG and SAG mills by incremental damage, chipping, rounding and abrasion
R.D. Morrison, M. Powell (JKMRC, Australia), P.W Cleary, G.W. Delaney, S. Cummins (CSIRO Computational Informatics, Australia) and B. Loveday (University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa)

An extended model for the Drop Weight Test
C.L. Schneider and T.B. Duque (CETEM, Brazil)

Comparison of single particle, Bond and bed tests for fine particle ore breakage characterisation
G.R. Ballantyne, F. Shi, B. Bonfils and M.S. Powell (JKMRC, Australia)

Breakage characterization of multicomponent ore
L.X. Liu, F. Saeidi and M.S. Powell (JKMRC, Australia)

What is needed to develop the next generation of mechanistic breakage models in comminution?
R. Chandramohan (Ausenco Services Ltd, Australia), B. Bonfils and M. Yahyaei (JKMRC, Australia)

Modelling particle size reduction in a batch grinding ball mill
F. Shi, W. Xie and M. Powell (JKMRC, Australia)

Keynote Lecture: Is progress in energy-efficient comminution doomed?
T. Napier-Munn (JKMRC, Australia)

An energy based comparison of vertical roller mills and tumbling mills
D.I.T. Plochberger and D.I.M.B. Avila (Cemtec, Austria)

Energy distribution models in tumbling mills using positron emission particle tracking
T. Pathmathas, I. Govender and D. De Klerk (University of Cape Town, South Africa)

Coarse waste rejection using sensor based technologies
W. Millar, D.J. Bowman, R.A. Bearman (Bear Rock Solutions, Australia), D. Miljak and N. Cutmore (CSIRO Minerals Down Under Flagship, Australia)

Positron emission particle tracking in tumbling mills
I. Govender, D. de Klerk and A.N. Mainza (University of Cape Town, South Africa)

Predicting charge motion, slurry flow and rock breakage within and discharge from a 3D pilot SAG mill using a coupled DEM-SPH model
P.W. Cleary (CSIRO Computational Informatics, Australia) and R.D. Morrison (JKMRC, Australia)

Comminution circuit design, what test work is required for a bankable feasibility study?
J. Starkey and M. Brissette (Starkey & Associates, Canada)

Dry grinding: current and future systems in mineral processing
E. Burchardt and W. Brandhoff (ThyssenKrupp Resource Technologies, Germany)

Research of iron ore grinding in a Vertical-Roller-Mill
M. Reichert, H. Lieberwith (TU Bergakademie Freibery, Germany), C. Gerold (Loesche GmbH, Germany), A. Fredriksson and G. Adolfsson (LKAB, Sweden)

Wear in high pressure grinding rolls subjected to the composition of heterogeneous abrasive materials
Y. Sesemann, C. Broeckmann (RWTH Aachen University, Germany) and A. Höfter (Köppern Entwicklungs GmbH, Germany)

New population balance model for predicting particle size evolution in compression grinding
V.P.B. Esnault, H. Zhou and D. Heitzmann (Lafarge Centre de Recherche, France)

Sample requirements for HPGR testing procedure
V.K. Alves (VALE S.A, Brazil), C.L. Schneider, T.B. Duque (CETEM, Brazil) and A.E.C. Peres (UFMG, Brazil)

Pellet feed grinding by HPGR
F.P. van der Meer and S. Oenol (Weir Minerals, The Netherlands)

A DEM model of HPGR operation using bed compression models calibrated with a piston die test
G.K.P. Barrios, L.M. Tavares (University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) and J. Pérez-Prim (DEM Solutions Ltd, UK)

FLSmidth® F360 HPGR test campaign Rio Tinto Kennecott Utah Copper Mine
J. Pownell and T. Bookless (FLSmidth, USA)

Keynote Lecture: A multiscale view on comminution
W. Peukert (University Erlangen, Germany)

Predicting breakage rates of fine particles in stirred media mills depending on stressing energy and frequency
G. Gronau, S. Beinert, C. Schilde and A. Kwade (Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany)

Shear based stirred mill power model – an adimensional analysis
P. Radziszewski (Metso Minerals, Canada)

Technical gaps and challenges for fine grinding
L.X. Liu, S. Palaniandy and M.S. Powell (JKMRC, Australia)

Economical optimization of stirred media milling processes
A. Kwade (Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany)

Development of the Larson/Morrison IsaMill JKSimMet model
M. Larson, M. Young (Xstrata Technology, Australia), R. Morrison and Weiguo Xie (JKMRC, Australia)

VertiMill® - Preparing the feed within floatable regime at lower specific energy
S. Palaniandy, M. Powell, M. Hilden (JKMRC, Australia), J. Allen (Metso Mining and Construction, USA), K. Kermanshahi (Metso Minerals Ltd, Australia), P. Griffin (Newcrest, Australia), B. Oats and Mark Lollback (BHP Billiton, Australia)

Pilot scale studies in fine grinding with Outotec HIGmills
H. Lehto (Outotec Oy, Finland)

Mixed media milling- a new operating technique for dry agitated media mills
C. Martin (RSG Inc., USA)

Vertical agitated media mill scale-up and simulation
D.B. Mazzinghy, R. Galéry (UFMG, Brazil), C.L. Schneider (CETEM, Brazil) and V.K. Alves (VALE S.A., Brazil)

The research for selection of the third mill of a refractory micro-fine iron ore
X. Xiao, G. Zhang, X. Zhao, L. Huang , L. Shi and Y. Long (Changsha Research Institute of Mining & Metallurgy, China)

Ultra fine grinding gold sulphide float concentrates, the economic drivers and challenges
D. Capstick (FLSmidth, South Africa)

Evaluation of grinding media wear-rate by a combined grinding method
J. Wang, B. Wang, F. He, X. Zhou, W. Deng, H. Xu (King’s Ceramics, China) and Q. Li (East China Normal University, China)

Selecting ceramic media: part 2 evaluating the wear
H. Kotzé (Dakot Milling Media (South Africa) and N. Bedesi (Anglo American Platinum, South Africa)

Thinking outside of the sphere – adventures in space mining
P. Radziszewski (Metso Minerals, Canada)

A standardised methodology for the assessment of high voltage breakage behaviour of ores
K.P. van der Wielen, A. Weh, M. Hernandez, R. Müller-Siebert (SELFRAG AG, Switzerland)

New cone crusher: excellent product control results in new potential for flow sheet design in high capacity crushing applications
F. Silbermann (ThyssenKrupp Resource Technologies, Germany)

Energy efficiency in comminution: Vibrocone, a crusher having grinding performance
H.-R. Manouchehri (Sandvik Mining, Sweden)

SAG mill functionality optimization by Medium Voltage VFD utilization: Rudnik Alexandrovskiy experience
A. Gaztelu, I. Atutxa and I. Legarra (Ingeteam Power Technology, Spain)

Mill discharge modification – from a pilot plant testwork to an industrial test at Mortimer UG2
J. Dahner (Magotteaux (Pty) Ltd, South Africa), A. Van den Bosch (Magotteaux SA, Belgium) and G. Makgopo (Anglo American Platinum, South Africa)

Validation of a model for physical interactions between pulp, charge and mill structure in tumbling mills
P. Jonsén, J. Stener, B.I. Pålsson and H.-Å. Häggblad (Luleå University of Technology, Sweden)

Testing of a new mechanistic slurry transport model with Positron Emission Particle Tracking
G.B. Tupper, I. Govender, D. de Klerk, A.N. Mainza (University of Cape Town, South Africa), and J. Mann (Anglo American Platinum, South Africa)

Using attainable region analysis to simulate a full-scale ball mill that incorporates a realistic transport model
N. Chimwani, M. Bwalya (University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa), F.K. Mulenga, D. Hildebrandt and D. Glasser (University of South Africa, South Africa)

Influence of the mineralogical structure in grinding specific energy consumption of itabirite iron ores
D.B. Mazzinghy, H.D.G. Turrer, J.F.C. Russo (Iron Ore Brazil–Anglo American, Brazil) and L.M. Tavares (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Finding the mill setting sweet spot – a DEM assisted case study
J. Franke (Outotec, Australia) and P. Cleary (CSIRO Mathematics, Informatics and Statistics, Australia)

Flotation: the diagnostic indicator of comminution circuit performance
C.J. Greet, J. Kinal and G. Small (Magotteaux Australia Pty Limited, Australia)

The design and optimisation of grinding circuits incorporating stack sizer screens
A. Hinde, C. Bergmann, (Mintek, South Africa) and N. Barkhuysen (Derrick Corporation, South Africa)

Grind circuit optimization at Rio Tinto Kennecott using real-time measurement of individual hydrocyclone overflow stream particle size enabled by novel CYCLONEtracSM technology
C. O’Keefe, P. Rothman, R. Maron, D. Newton, J. Mercuri (CiDRA Minerals Processing, USA), D. Cirulis and M. Holdsworth (Rio Tinto Kennecott, USA)

Simulation and pilot testing of a circulating air classifier used in production of manufactured sand
R. Johansson and M. Evertsson (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden)

Use of temperature to diagnose mixing in the IsaMill
R. Gunda and M.H. Moys (University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa)

The effect of high shear in a stirred mill on the shape properties of a multicomponent ore
L. van de Ruit, M. Becker, W. Little and A.N. Mainza (University of Cape Town, South Africa)

Experimental validation of breakage function independence to grinding environment
Z. Pourkarimi (IMPRC and Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran) and B. Rezai (Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran)

Ultrafine grinding in IsaMill for projects in Russia
A.Y. Senchenko and Y.V. Kulikov (LLC “TOMS Science-Research and Design Institute”, Russia)

Fundamentals of roll surface functionality and wear in operation
J. Pownell (FLSmidth, USA)

Experience of SAGDesign test application in grinding technology development for a gold plant at Aleksandrovskoye deposit
A.Y. Senchenko and Y.V. Kulikov (LLC “TOMS Science-Research and Design Institute”, Russia)

Mill relining optimization for greenfield plant design and brownfield sites’ relining practices through filmed data and simulation
J. Russell (Russell Mineral Equipment Pty Ltd, Australia)

Application of Fourier and Wavelet Methods to an experimental tumbling mill using 3D particle tracking data
D.V.V. Kallon, A.N. Mainza and I. Govender (University of Cape Town, South Africa)

An assessment of the rock characteristics and the ball mill energy requirements at a mine in Ghana, West Africa
K.A. Boateng (AngloGold Ashanti, Ghana), C.E. Abbey and R.K. Amankwah (University of Mines and Technology, Ghana)

Mechanical impacts analysis in SAG mills due to small failures in the electric drive
V. Guerrero and J. Pontt (Universidad Federico Santa María, Chile)

Modelling the energy spectra of a tumbling mill using DEM
L. Bbosa, A. Mainza and I. Govender (University of Cape Town, South Africa)



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