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Wednesday 19th March


Poster Intros

Technical Session 1- Fundamentals

The effect of particle hydrophobicity on bubble size in a flotation cell
S. Ata, J. Lee, T. Mac, M. Bussieres and G.J. Jameson (University of Newcastle, Australia)

Removal of iron hydroxide coating from galena surface
E. Matthews, S. Grano, D. Fornasiero and J. Ralston (Ian Wark Research Institute, Australia)

Measurements of gas dispersion in flotation cells
R.A. Grau and K. Heiskanen (Helsinki University of Technology, Finland)

The recovery of nanoparticles by flotation
P.F. George and G.J. Jameson (University of Newcastle, Australia)

Bubble-particle interactions in flotation
A.V. Nguyen (University of Newcastle, Australia)


Technical Session 2- Flotation Froths

Understanding and measuring factors influencing froth stability in flotation
D. Hatfield, P. Harris, G. de Jager and D. Bradshaw (University of Cape Town, South Africa)

Image analysis and computer vision for mineral froth
W. Wang (Hunan Normal University, China), O. Stephansson (Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden) and T. Kloow (Acoutric Ltd, Sweden)

The distribution of washwater in a flotation froth
P. Stevenson, G.J. Jameson (University of Newcastle, Australia) and S. Sullivan (Cambridge University, UK)

Influence of gas flow rate and surfactants on liquid drainage in flotation froth and foam
A.V. Nguyen, P.A. Harvey and G.J. Jameson (University of Newcastle, Australia)

The recovery of water from a flowing foam column
S. Neethling and J.J. Cilliers (UMIST, UK)

Dynamic froth stability in froth flotation
N. Barbian, E. Ventura-Medina and J.J. Cilliers (UMIST, UK)

Thursday March 20th


Technical Session 3- Control, simulation and optimisation

Future trends in flotation plant control and automation
S.-L. Jamsa-Jounela (Helsinki University of Technology, Finland) and J. Timperi (Outokumpu Technology, Finland)

Application of the P9 flotation modelling methodology to flotation circuit diagnosis, design and optimisation
J.-P. Franzidis et al (JKMRC, Australia) and M.C. Harris (University of Cape Town, Australia)

Froth recovery measurement in plant scale flotation cells
D.J. Alexander (JKTech, Australia), J.P. Franzidis and E.V. Manlapig (JKMRC, Australia)

Process optimisation with Outokumpu's plant audit procedure
P. Sotka et al (Outokumpu Research Oy, Finland) and H. Oravainen (Outokumpu Technology Oy, Finland)

Model and imaging of froth for control of flotation
A.J. Niemi (Helsinki University of Technology, Finland) and H. Kuopanportti (YTI Research Centre, Finland)

Utilising PLS and PCA in the interpretation of multi-camera data
J. Kaartinen, H. Hyotyniemi, O. Ojala (Helsinki University of Technology) and J. Miettunen (Inmet Mining, Finland)

Modelling mineral recovery in flotation by combining process and particle image analysis data
P. Lamberg and J. Liipo (Outokumpu Research Oy, Finland)

Towards the development of froth based control strategies in flotation circuits based on vision systems: an industrial case study
C. Duchesne, G. Bartolacci and A. Bouajila (COREM, Canada)

CFD modelling of collisions and attachments in a flotation cell
P.T.L. Koh and M.P. Schwarz (CSIRO Div. of Minerals, Australia)

Supasim: A Flotation Plant Design and Analysis Methodology
M. Hay (Eurus Mineral Consultants, South Africa) and C. Rule (Anglo Platinum, South Africa)

Controllability analysis of flotation
R. Rantaiso and R. Ylinen (University of Oulu, Finland)


Technical Session 4- Flotation of specific materials

The potential use of flotation techniques to remove transition metal sulfides from contaminated dredged material and soils: an overview
M. Vanthuyne, A. Maes, P. Cauwenberg and H. Geeraert (KULeuven, Belgium)

The effect of copper and calcium ions on the flotation behaviour of a pentlandite-pyroxene system at pH 6 and 9
C.T. O'Connor (University of Cape Town, South Africa), V. Malsiak et al (Anglo Platinum Research Centre, South Africa)

The separation of plastic waste by froth flotation
H. Shen, E. Forssberg (Lulea University of Technology, Sweden) and R.J. Pugh (Institute for Surface Chemistry, Sweden)

Development of a method for separation of PVC and PET using flame treatment and flotation
R.D. Pascoe and B. O'Connell (Camborne School of Mines, UK)

Friday March 21st


Technical Session 5- Plant operations and machines

Garpenberg- an old concentrator at peak performance
N.J. Bolin, P. Brodin and P. Lampinen (Boliden, Sweden)

Jameson Cell fundamentals: a revised perspective
D. Carr and V. Lawson (Mt. Isa Mines Ltd, Australia) and G. Harbort (M.L. Consultants, Australia)

The interaction of flash flotation and closed circuit grinding
S. MacKinnon, D. Yan (WA School of Mines, Australia) and R. Dunne (Newcrest Mining Ltd. Australia)

Recovery of lost platinum from tailings by high intensity flotation
M. Kerr (Tailtech, South Africa) and M. Forss (Metso Minerals AB, Sweden)

The effect of grinding conditions on the flotation of a sulphide copper ore
K.L.C. Goncalves (CVRD, Brazil) and A.E.C. Peres (UFMG, Brazil)

The role of mineralogical studies in optimising mineral processing at North American Palladium's Lac des Iles mill
C.J. Martin and N.A. McKay (SGS Lakefield Research, Canada)

New concepts in flotation machine design
D. Lelinski, B. Oblad and L. Hales (EIMCO Process Equipment Co., USA)

Effect of impeller speed and the froth phase on the size dependent flotation rate of galena in a full scale plant cell
S. Grano, T. Georgiev (Ian Wark Research Institute, Australia), M. Pietrobon (Amdel Ltd, Australia) and X.-F. Zheng (JKMRC, Australia)

Grinding for success
C. Greet, G. Small and S. Grano (Ian Wark Research Institute, Australia)


Technical Session 6- Reagents

Headspace analysis gas-phase infrared spectroscopy: a new tool for investigating flotation collectors
D. Lascelles, J.A. Finch and I.S. Butler (McGill University, Canada)

Development of methodology to elucidate the relationship between the characteristics of polymeric depressants and their effect on flotation performance
D.J. Bradshaw and P.J. Harris (University of Cape Town, South Africa)

Ammonium sulphate as promoting agent of the sulphidization process of Cu-Co oxides ores from the Luiswishi deposit (Democratic Republic of Congo)
D. Bastin, J. Frenay (University of Liege, Belgium) and J. Dassas (Enterprises generales, Congo)

Adsorption of starch, amylose, amylopectin and glucose monomer and their effect on the flotation of hematite and quartz
S. Pavlovic (UFOP, Brazil) and P.R.G. Brandao (UFMG, Brazil)

Direct observation of a self-assembled monolayer of heptylxanthate at the germanium/water interface, a polarized FTIR study
M.L. Larsson, A. Holmgren and W. Forsling (Lulea University of Technology, Sweden)

Feasibility of microorganisms as flotation collectors and depressants
M. Miettinen (VTT Mineral Processing, Finland), R. Ratto (VTT Biotechnology, Finland) and R.W. Smith (University of Nevada, USA)

Use of biosurfactants in flotation: application to metal ions removal
A.I. Zouboulis et al (Aristotle University, Greece) and P.N. Golyshin (GBF Nat. Res. Center for Biotechnology, Germany)


Study of the flotation behaviour of low energy materials
V. Kirjavainen, H. Lehto and K. Heiskanen (Helsinki University of Technology, Finland)

Hydrophobic aggregation of ultrafine alumina in surfactant solution
Y. Hu (Central South University, China)

Thinning rate of liquid films and motion of three-phase contacts between a bubble and a solid surface
A. Nguyen, C.M. Pham and G.M. Evans (University of Newcastle, Australia)

Determination of bubble-particle interaction forces using atomic force microscopy
A.V. Nguyen (University of Newcastle, Australia), J. Nalaskowski and J.D. Miller (University of Utah, USA)

Electrokinetic behaviour and flotation of kaolinite in DDA and CTAB solution
Y. Hu and H. Jiang (Central South University, China)

Investigations of alkylmopholines- collectors for new process of halite flotation
N. Panteleeva, S. Titkov (R & D Insititute of Halurgy, Russia) and R. Sabirov (Sylvinite Co., Russia)

Investigations of the effect of new S-F depressor of clay-carbonate minerals under ore flotation
T. Gurkova and S. Titkov (R & D Insitute of Halurgy, Russia)

Monitoring the composition of flotation process waters with on-line analyser
S. Luukkanen et al (VTT Processes, Finland), P. Sten (Vaasa Polytechnic, Finland), S. Lahteenmaki et al (Pyhasalmi Mine, Finland)

The selective flotation of arsenopyrite from pyrite
B. Tapley and D. Yan (WA School of Mines, Australia)

Multidisciplinary characterization of mine tailings: application to environmental desulphurization
R. Mermillod-Blondin (LEM, France and UQAT, Canada), M. Benzaazoua, B. Bussiere (UQAT, Canada and University of Quebec, Canada), M. Kongolo and P. De Donato (LEM, France)

Using image analysis to evaluate the performance of coal flotation in an industrial column
M. Lu, F. Wang and Y. Wang (University of Mining and Technology, China)

Recovery of copper from reverbatory furnace slag by flotation
A. Sarrafi (Shahid Bahonar University, Iran), B. Rahmati and H.R. Hassani (Sarcheshmeh Copper Complex, Iran)

Adsorption of sodium oleate onto spinel oxides
R.F.S. Lima (UF do Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil) and I. Matsuoka (Tohoku University, Japan)

Froth image classification and segmentation
W. Wang (Hunan Normal University, China), O. Stephansson (Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden) and T. Kloow (Acoutronic Ltd, Sweden)

A study of selectivity of apatite in column flotation
G.M. Queiroz et al (Federal University of Uberlandia, Brazil)

Evaluation of control performance in flotation cells
S.-L. Jamsa-Jounela, R.O. Poikonen, Z. Georgiew (Helsinki University of Technology, Finland) and A. Rantala (Outokumpu Technology, Finland)

Level control strategies for flotation cells
P. Kampjarvi and S.-L. Jamsa-Jouenela (Helsinki University of Technology, Finland)



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