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Selected papers from the conference have been published in Volume 66-68 (2014), a special issue of Minerals Engineering journal. The papers can be viewed and downloaded at ScienceDirect.


The conference proceedings USB is available by emailing Jon Wills. The cost is £95 which includes postage and contains the following papers:


Flotation research, does advancement require a paradigm shift?
K. Heiskanen (Aalto University, Finland)

The effect of energy input on flotation kinetics of sulfide minerals in an oscillating grid flotation cell
M. Safari, M.C. Harris, D.A. Deglon (University of Cape Town, South Africa)

Fluidized bed desliming in fine particle flotation � Part III flotation of difficult to clean coal
K.P. Galvin, N. Harvey, J.E. Dickinson (The University of Newcastle, Australia)

Developments in positron emission particle tracking measurements of froth flotation
K. Cole, K. Hadler and J.J. Cilliers (Imperial College, UK)

Influence of particles on the formation of bubbles from a submerged capillary
K.Y. Ng, E. Law, M. Lim and S. Ata (University of New South Wales, Australia)

3D, or not 3D? � CFD modelling of flotation froths
P.R. Brito-Parada and J.J. Cilliers (Imperial College, UK)

Numerical and experimental investigation of air-water flow in a flotation machine
A. Sachajdak, I. Szczygiel, A. Fic, M. Rojczyk, Z. Bulinski (Silesian University of Technology, Poland) and A. Manka (Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals, Poland)

Froth transport characterization in a two-dimensional flotation cell
I. Rojas, L. Vinnett and J. Yianatos (Universidad T�cnica Federico Santa Mar�a, Chile)

Development of an effective froth controlling collector in silicate flotation
O.A. Lima, K.I.P. Albino (Akzo Nobel Surface Chemistry, Brazil), M. Svensson and J.-O. Gustafsson (Akzo Nobel Surface Chemistry, Sweden)

Investigating froth stability: A comparative study of ionic strength and frother dosage
K.C. Corin and J.G. Wiese (University of Cape Town, South Africa)

Behaviour of a galena particle in a thin film, revisiting Dippenaar
G.D.M. Morris and J.J. Cilliers (Imperial College, UK)

Surface energy of minerals � applications to flotation
S. Mohammadi-Jam and K.E. Waters (McGill University, Canada)

Zeta potential and floatability studies of iron minerals
A.B.Henriques, O.M.S. Rodrigues and A.E.C. Peres (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil)

Optimization of flotation cell pH for the reverse flotation of an African low grade BIF hematite ore
A. Fouchee, N. Naud�, K. Schommarz (University of Pretoria, South Africa) and S. Naik (Anglo American, South Africa)

Investigation of the hydrophobization of silicate ore minerals using a Force Mapping Method combining Non contact Atomic Force Microscopy and Raman Spectroscopy
M. Rudolph (Helmholtz-Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology, Germany) and U.A. Peuker (TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany)

Effect of oxidation time on the floatability of tennantite and chalcopyrite; surface characterization using X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) and Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)
H.T.B.M. Petrus (Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia), T. Hirajima, K. Sasaki (Kyushu University, Japan) and H. Okamoto (Sumitomo Metal Mining Co. Ltd, Japan)

The effect of saline water on mineral flotation
Bo Wang and Yongjun Peng (University of Queensland, Australia)

The influence of water hardness on the sulphidisation and xanthate flotation of malachite
W.Rivera and D. Bastin (University of Li�ge, Belgium)

Modeling flotation with a flexible approach � integrating different models to the Compartment Model
N.A. Santos (Eriez Flotation Division, Brazil), O. Savassi (SGS Geosol, Brazil), A.E.C. Peres and A.H. Martins (UFMG, Brazil)

Effect of operating conditions and machine parameters on the flotation kinetics in a new laboratory cell
T. Mattsson, R.A. Grau (Outotec Research Center, Finland), J. Leppinen (Outotec, Finland) and K. Heiskanen (Aalto University, Finland)

Measurement of froth phase bubble sizes
C. Bhondayi and M.H. Moys (University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa)

Distributed flotation kinetics models- a new implementation approach for coal flotation
P. Ofori, G. O�Brien, P. Hapugoda and B. Firth (CSIRO Energy Technology, Australia)

A thermochemical study of thiol collector-galena surface reactions
B. McFadzean and C.T. O�Connor (University of Cape Town, South Africa)

Effect of particle breakage mechanisms during regrinding on surface chemistry and mineral flotation
X. Chen, and D. Bradshaw (JKMRC, Australia), Y. Peng (University of Queensland, Australia)

Virtual sizing: the wrong way to complete liberation analysis
C.J. Greet (Magotteaux Pty Limited, Australia)

Presence of inorganic electrolytes valence state for electrochemical potential and pure chalcopyrite flotation and complex sulphur ore flotation
F. G�ktepe (Balikesir University, Turkey), G. Bulut, �. Yenial (Istanbul Technical University, Turkey) and A. Ceylan (Park Electric Production Mining and Industry A.S., Turkey)

Voltammetric study of the interaction between PGMs and sodium ethyl xanthate
M. Tadie, K. Corin, J. Wiese and C. O�Connor (University of Cape Town, South Africa)

Impact of plate type minerals on flotation performance assessed using rheological measurements
T. Bhambhani, M. Vasudevan, D.R.Nagaraj (Cytec Industries, USA), P. Patra and P.Somasundaran (Columbia University, USA)

Selective flotation of chalcopyrite and molybdenite with plasma pre-treatment
T. Hirajima, M. Mori, O. Ichikawa, K. Sasaki, H. Miki (Kyushu University, Japan) and M. Sawada (Sumitomo Metal Mining Co. Ltd, Japan)

Froth flotation of bastn�site
A. Jordens and K.E. Waters (McGill University, Canada)

Synthesis of 2-ethyl-2-hexenal oxime and its flotation performance for copper ore
H.-F. Xu, H. Zhong, S. Wang, Y.-N. Niu and G.-Yi Liu (Central South University, China)

Effect of electrolytes on the flotation of a copper ore in the presence of clay minerals
S. Zhao (ALS Metallurgy, Australia) and Y. Peng (University of Queensland, Australia)

Improving floatability of fine chalcopyrite particles in the concentration of complex sulphide ore
H. Kumar, H. Rautj�rvi, J. Ruuska and H. Kuopanportti (University of Oulu, Finland)

Synergetic effect with a mixture of anionic and nonionic reagent: Ca-mineral contrast separation by flotation at neutral pH
I.V. Filippova, L.O. Filippov, A. Duverger and V.V. Severov (Universit� de Lorraine, France)

True value added in flotation
D. Lelinski (FLSmidth, USA)

Strategies for increasing coarse particle flotation in conventional flotation cells
E. Tabosa and K. Runge (Metso Process Technology & Innovation, Australia)

Fluizided-Bed Flotation: from industrial minerals to sulfides
J. Kohmuench (Eriez Flotation Division, USA) and H. Thanasekaran (Eriez Flotation Division, Australia)

The effect of machine hydrodynamics on the flotation rate constant
G.J. Jameson and T. Payne (University of Newcastle, Australia)

Large flotation cells in the copper processing industry - recent experiences and future considerations (Part 1)
D. Govender, D. Meadows, D. Lelinski and F. Traczyk (FLSmidth, USA)

Test programs for modern flotation flow sheet development
P. Amelunxen (Aminpro, Peru), T. McCord, P. Lan and L. Hill (Freeport McMoRan Copper & Gold, USA)

Modern practice of sampling and flotation testing for flowsheet development
N.O. Lotter (Xstrata Process Support, Canada), E. Whiteman and D.J. Bradshaw (JKMRC, Australia)

A probabilistic model for evaluation of flotation performance
A. Richins (FLSmidth, USA) and M.G. Nelson (University of Utah, USA)

Incorporating interfacial properties into particle-based industrial kinetic flotation models
C.F. Vos, D.J. Bradshaw and W. Stange (JKMRC, Australia)

A comparison of laboratory batch and mini pilot plant flotation testing
R. Newell, I. Ametov, A. Kaplun, K. Quast and P. Moore (Ian Wark Research Institute, Australia)

Evaluation of the response of valuable and gangue minerals on a recovery, size and liberation basis for a low grade silver ore
J. Quinteros-Riquelme, D. Bradshaw, E. Wightman (JKMRC, Australia) and N.W. Johnson (Mineralogy Pty Ltd, Australia)

Recent advances in the application of AERO� 7260HFP as greener alternative to NaSH/Nokes in Cu-Mo separation
M. Peart (Cytec Industries Inc., UK), D.R. Nagaraj, M. Vasudevan, P. Gupta and A. Lawrence (Cytec Industries Inc., USA)

Improving performance and efficiency of copper and copper gold circuits with POLYFROTH� W22 frother
J. Aston, S. Boskovic, G. Tindall and G. Tsatouhas (Huntsman Performance Products, Australia)

Development and introduction of a new selective collector for copper sulphide ore at FQML, Kansanshi Mine
M. Kalichini, C. Ngulube (First Quantum Minerals Ltd, Zambia), M. Peart (Cytec Industries Inc., UK) and L. Hoffmann (Cytec Industries, South Africa)

A practical guide for operation, characterisation and performance prediction of industrial flash flotation cells
B. Newcombe (Barrick Gold Corporation, Australia)

Overview of gold flash flotation at the Tongon Gold Mine in C�te d�Ivoire
B. Connellan, C. Cronje (Randgold Resources, South Africa), M. Sorgho (Randgold Resources, C�te d�Ivoire) and B. Kgaswane (Outotec, South Africa)

The removal of arsenic bearing minerals from Rosebery copper concentrate
G. Long (MMG Rosebery, Australia), Y. Peng (University of Queensland, Australia) and D. Bradshaw (JKMRC, Australia)

Optimisation of air and froth depth in PGM flotation using a CCRD factorial design
L. Venkatesan, A. Harris and M. Greyling (Anglo American Platinum, South Africa)

The implementation of regrinding-flotation pre-treatment of the CIL feed in a copper-gold plant
F. Burns, D. Seaman (Newcrest Mining Ltd, Australia), Y. Peng and D. Bradshaw (JKMRC, Australia)

Progress in flotation cell level control and determination of froth bed thickness using Outotec LevelSense� technology
C. Cruickshank, M. Tirkkonen, T. Soini and J. Kourunen (Outotec Oy, Finland)

FloatStar FloCam visual monitoring system used to reduce diminished flow occurrence on industrial flotation cells
C. Subramany and M. Ramonotsi (Mintek, South Africa)

Froth image analysis methods for online prediction of platinum flotation grades
M. Kistner, L. Auret (Stellenbosch University, South Africa) and C. Aldrich (Western Australian School of Mines, Australia)

Online optimisation of the froth phase in industrial flotation cells with the portable froth sensor
J.J. Burchell, L. van der Bijl (Stone Three Mining, South Africa), A. Harris, L. Venkatesan and N. Plint (Anglo American Platinum, South Africa)

Improving flotation grade recovery using operational data at Southern Peru Copper
O.A. Bascur (OSIsoft LLC, USA) and N. Benavides (Southern Peru Copper, Peru)

The on-line measurement of flotation cells performance
R.A. Pax (RAP Innovation and Development Pty Ltd, Australia)

Application of daily onsite automated mineralogical analysis to track controls on flotation recovery
R. Dobbe, S. Bajic (FEI, Australia), T. Martin (Hecla Greens Creek, USA), C. Martin, R. Thorpe (Blue Coast Metallurgy Ltd, Canada), M. Kalstrom (FEI, USA) and D. van der Wal (FEI, The Netherlands)

Application of Positive Matrix Factorization and model development of size-by-liberation recovery at fixed chemistry
G. Sandoval (Aminpro, Chile), E. Wightman, D. Bradshaw (JKMRC, Australia) and G. Montes (Universidad de Chile, Chile)

Bank profiling as a means of controlling entrainment
N. Singh and J.A. Finch (McGill University, Canada)

On the collection of valuable minerals along rougher flotation banks
J. Yianatos, L. Bergh, I. Rojas and L. Vinnett (Universidad T�cnica Federico Santa Mar�a, Chile)

A few aspects of connection between ore mineralogy and flotation results at Hitura nickel mine, Finland
H. Miettunen (Belvedere Mining Oy, Finland), K. Heiskanen (Aalto University, Finland) and R. Keiski (University of Oulu, Finland)

A study of the application of controlled potential sulfidization to oxidized copper sulfide ores
R. Kappes and J. Meikle (Newmont Mining Corp., USA)

Selective flotation optimization of galena and sphalerite from lead and zinc ore complex (sulfide-oxide)
M.Kashani, H. Zarei (Islamic Azad University, Iran), Z.D. Shafaee (Tehran University, Iran) and M. Safari (University of Cape Town, South Africa)

Effect of free and weak acid dissociable cyanide in process water on gold and silver flotation
B. Guo, Y. Peng (University of Queensland, Australia) and R. Espinosa-Gomez (Newcrest Mining Ltd, Australia)

Understanding the effect of CO2 on apatite flotation from Catal�o�s siliceous carbonate phosphate ore
E. Matiolo, E. Ferreira, A. Avelar, K. Gon�alves (Vale S.A., Brazil), J.D. Miller, X. Wang (University of Utah, USA) and L.A.F. Barros (Vale Fertilizantes S.A., Brazil)

Potash flotation practice for carnallite resources in the Qinghai Province, PRC
Xuming Wang, J.D. Miller (University of Utah, USA), Fangqin Cheng and Huaigang Cheng (Shanxi University, China)

Importance of oxidation during regrinding of rougher concentrate with a high content of sulphides
X. Chen, D. Bradshaw (JKMRC, Australia), D. Seaman (Newcrest Mining Limited, Australia) and Y. Peng (University of Queensland, Australia)

Removal of copper from waters by ion flotation method
G. Bulut, �. Yenial, E. Albayrak (Istanbul Technical University, Turkey) and F. G�ktepe (Balikesir University, Turkey)

Using positron emission tomography to validate liquid content in CFD models of froth motion
K. Cole, P. Brito-Parada, A. Morrison, K. Hadler, J.J. Cilliers (Imperial College, UK), I. Govender and A. Buffler (University of Cape Town, South Africa)

The ultrasound effect on bubble-particle interaction in a flotation process
D. Lyubimov, T. Lyubimova (Perm State University, Russia), L. Filippov (Universit� de Lorraine, France) and L. Klimenko (Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics UB RAS, Russia)

Sulphide self-heating: heat release coefficient QA for Ni-and Cu-concentrates and sulphide mixtures
B. Ngabe and J.A. Finch (McGill University, Canada)

A qualitative study of the relationship between bubble burst rate and water recovery in the investigation of froth stability
T. Shumba, J. Wiese, B. McFadzean (University of Cape Town, South Africa)

Comparative study of the flotation performance of ores treated in an IsaMill and a ball mill
J. Wiese, T. Khonthu and C. O�Connor (University of Cape Town, South Africa)

Cyanide chemistry and its effect on mineral depression and activation in flotation
B. Guo, Y. Peng (University of Queensland, Australia) and R. Espinosa-Gomez (Newcrest Mining Ltd, Australia)

Study of the activation of Pb+ in wolframite and scheelite flotation
G. Zhao, S. Wang, H. Zhong and G. Liu (Central South University, China)

Synthesis of a novel dithiocarbamate and its flotation performance for lead sulfide ores
S. Wang, Y. Hu, X. Ma, H. Zhong, Z. Cao and G. Liu (Central South University, China)

Floatability of activated quartz by CaCl2 using Amazon collectors
J.E.J.C. Oliveira, M.S. Gon�alves, M.C.P. Cardoso, D.S. Costa (Universidade Federal do Par�, Brazil) and A.E.C. Peres (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil)

Influence of the hydrocarbon chain of collectors obtained from Amazonian species on the floatability of minerals
A.S. Alves, D.S. Costa (Universidade Federal do Sul e Sudeste do Par�, Brazil), P.R.G. Brand�o and A.E.C. Peres (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil)

Influence of the saponification method of Amazonian oils from Buriti and Baba�u on the flotability of apatite
P.S. Oliveira, A.C. Oliveira, J.K.S. Pinto, D.S. Costa (Universidade Federal do Sul e Sudeste do Par�, Brazil) and A.E. C. Peres (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil)

The effect of substitution of iron for chromium on the ?-potential of chromite and magnetite
R.F. Souza (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil) and P.R.G. Brand�o (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil)

The collision efficiency for interaction of small bubbles with large particles
P. Basarov�, M. Hubicka and J. Vejra�ka (Prague Institute of Chemical Technology, Czech Republic)

The implications of the froth recovery at the laboratory scale
P. Amelunxen (Aminpro, Peru), G. Sandoval, D. Barriga and R. Amelunxen (Aminpro, Chile)

Pyrite recovery mechanisms in rougher flotation circuits
C. Carrasco, J. Yianatos, I. Rojas and L. Vinnett (Universidad T�cnica Federico Santa Mar�a, Chile)

Application of automated mineral analysis to the study of ore samples; an example on tantalum-niobium-tin pegmatites and its residual soil
V. Kr�lov�, S. H�nig and D. Motl (TESCAN, a.s., Czech Republic)

Valve performance is affected by flotation plant design
R. Rule and N. Sessions (eDART Slurry Valves (Pty) Ltd, South Africa)

The impact of FloatSil� on the metallurgical performance of PGMs and gold during beneficiation by froth flotation
B. Gwavava (Suntech Geomet Laboratories, South Africa)

Effect of saline water on the flotation of fine and coarse coal particles in the presence of clay minerals
Bo Wang, Yongjun Peng and S. Vink (University of Queensland, Australia)

The interactive effects of chemical and process parameters on the flotation performance of a UG2 ore
B. McFadzean, S. Pani, J. Wiese and C.T. O�Connor (University of Cape Town, South Africa)

The effect of gangue mineralogy on the recovery of chalcopyrite in batch flotation experiments � a case study using two ores, one rich in siliceous gangue and another rich in siliceous + carbonaceous gangue
N. Sterbik, M. Nasraoui (LaSalle Institute Polytechnique, France), J. Bezuidenhout and G. Lipowsky (Clariant Produkte GmbH, Germany)

Validation of using laboratory test results to predict plant scale flash flotation performance
B. Newcombe (Barrick Gold Corporation / JKMRC, Australia)

Process scale-up for sulphide poor PGE ores (Prosu)
T. Korhonen, A. Taskinen, P. M�rsky (Geological Survey of Finland, Finland), T. Maksimainen (FQM Kevitsa Mining Oy, Finland) and S. Luukkanen (P�yry Finland Oy, Finland)

Kaolinite removal from bauxite by flotation
O.M.S. Rodrigues (Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto, Brazil), A.E.C. Peres and A.B Henriques (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil)

Effective processing of iron ore slime using column flotation
S. Dey, G.M. Paul, R. Singh (National Metallurgical Laboratory, India) and S. Pani (University Of Cape Town, South Africa)



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