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Technical Programme

Saturday September 1st

Overcoming the challenges that automated mineralogy places on sample preparation and presentation
E. Kjaer, D. McAuley (Struers, Australia), A.R Butcher and P.W.K.S. Botha (Intellection Pty Ltd, Australia)

MLA: the new Sherlock Holmes of the mining and metallurgical engineering industry
P. Miranda and C. Anderson (Montana Tech of the University of Montana, USA)

Development of a measurement technique for the quantitative determination of hexagonal and monoclinic pyrrhotite: Evaluation using examples from the Bushveld Complex using QEMSCAN™
M. Becker, D. Bradshaw (University of Cape Town, South Africa), A.R Butcher, A.F.R. Cropp, P.W.S.K. Botha (Intellection, Australia) and J. de Villiers (University of Pretoria, South Africa)

Using automated mineral analysis techniques to investigate the mineralogy and potential processing characteristics of iron-rich ultramafic pegmatites from the Bushveld Complex, South Africa
P.W.S.K. Botha, A.R. Butcher (Intellection Pty Ltd, Australia) and R.K.W. Merkle (University of Pretoria, South Africa)

Hydroseparation concentrates and automated precious metal searches used to characterize metallurgical products from the Goldstrike mine, Nevada
L.J. Cabri (Cabri Consulting Inc., Canada), Y. Choi, P. Kondos (Barrick Gold Corp., Canada), D. Hill (Barrick Goldstrike Mines, USA) and R. Lastra (CANMET/MMSL, Canada)

A classification of veins found in the vicinity of the UG2 reef of the Bushveld igneous complex using QEMSCAN™, CIPW Norm calculations and X-ray fluorescence data, a comparative study
J. van Zyl (Intellection Pty Ltd, Australia)

Quantifying the influence of classification with the 3-product cyclone on liberation and recovery of PGMs in UG2 ore
M. Becker, A.N. Mainza, D.J. Bradshaw (University of Cape Town, South Africa), M.S. Powell (JKMRC, Australia) and B. Knopjes (Lonmin, South Africa)

Automated measurement in section – methods and myths of stereology
P. Gottlieb and W. Goodall (Intellection Pty Ltd, Australia)

Finite element analysis and x-ray micro-tomography in the study of porous minerals
N. Tsafnat and A.S. Jones (University of Sydney, Australia)

Mineralogical analysis, particle weakening and micro cracking of HPGR products confirmed
M. Daniel (JKTech Pty Ltd, Australia)

Application of QEMSCAN for the interpretation of textures and minerals in extra terrestrial materials
C.V. Ly (CSIRO Minerals, Australia), D.R. Nelson, A. Biondo and K. Mason (Curtin University of Technology, Australia)

Techniques and applications for predictive metallurgy and ore characterization using optical image analysis
G.R. Lane (Rio Tinto, Australia), C. Martin (SGS Mineral Services, Canada) and E. Pirard (University of Liege, Belgium)

Mineralogical characterisation of Eucla Basin ilmenite concentrates: first results from a new global resource
M.I. Pownceby, G.J. Sparrow and M.J. Fisher-White (CSIRO Minerals, Australia)

Faster automated mineral analysis and classification with silicon drift detectors
R. Hart (nanoTechnology Systems, Australia), R. Anderhalt and A. Sandborg (EDAX Inc., USA)

Case Study: In-line mineralogy in a mineral sands separation plant
S.C. Kearns (Namakwa Sands, South Africa) and F.E du Plessis (Blue Cube Systems, South Africa)

Software process improvement and development for automated mineralogical applications
C. Taylor (Intellection Pty Ltd, Australia)

Evening: Riverfire Function


Sunday September 2nd

Using automated mineralogy to quantitatively characterise particle shape and ore texture
K. Pietersen and R. Fandrich (JKTech Pty Ltd, Australia)

Examination of particle bias in QEMSCANTM sample preparation
P. Jaime, W.R. Goodall, C. Pudmenzky and A. Benedictus (Intellection Pty Ltd, Australia)

QEMSCANTM application in Aolian geomorphology
C. Pudmenzky, A. Butcher (Intellection Pty Ltd, Australia), B. Love and G.H. McTainsh (Griffith University, Australia)

Three-dimensional quantitative mineralogical modelling of the Voisey’s Bay Ni-Cu-Co Ovoid deposit: confirming the mineralogical model using MLA techniques
M.A.E. Huminicki, P.J. Sylvester and M. Shaffer (Memorial University, Canada)

Application of the QEMSCAN to process mineralogical and geometallurgical solutions: the SGS perspective
D. De Nooy (SGS Lakefield Oretest Pty Ltd, Australia)

Using silicon-drift x-ray detector technology for quantifying coarse-grain pentlandite-chalcopyrite associations in situ
M. Shaffer and M.A.E. Huminicki (INCO Innovation Centre, Memorial University, Canada)

Image analysis using high-contrast backscattered electron imagery: quantification of troilite exsolved from pyrrhotite
M. Shaffer and M.A.E. Huminicki (INCO Innovation Centre, Memorial University, Canada)

Quantitative mineralogy methodology for lower grade leached copper ore
Y. Sun and M. Thomas (BHP Billiton, Australia)

Online mineralogical analysis for copper slurries with DRX: latest advances
O. Maldonado (SAX, Chile)

Advances in quantitative Rietveld analysis (XRPD) for minerals and mining applications
A. Kern (Bruker-AXS GmbH, Germany)

Mineralogical characterization of refractory copper ores from the Nchanga District, Zambia, emphasizing QEMSCANTM automated mineralogy technology
O. Sikazwe (University of Zambia, Zambia), A.M. Hagni (Intellection Corporation, USA) and E. Whiteman (Intellection Pty Ltd, Australia)

Coal liberation analysis
D. Weedon (University of South Australia, Australia)

QEMSCAN analysis of coal and fly ash formation model – new developments
C. van Alphen (Van Alphen Consultancy, South Africa)

Benchmark quality investigation of automated mineralogy at Anglo Research
M. Brown (Anglo Research, South Africa)

Using QEMSCAN technology for the assessment of coal and the products of coal combustion
B. Creelman, L. Juniper (Ultra Systems Technologies Pty Ltd, Australia), J. van Zyl (Intellection Pty Ltd, Australia), and T. Dixon (Tarong Energy, Australia)

Materials characterization of processed phlogopite ore from Silver City Dome District, Kansas, utilizing QEMSCANTM automated mineralogy
A. Benedictus (Intellection Pty Ltd, Australia), P. Berendsen (Micro-Lite, USA) and A. Hagni (Intellection Corporation, USA)

Automated mineral logging with the SpecCam infrared spectrometer
G. Hunt (Spectra-Map Ltd, UK)



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