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Eva Pakostova, D. Barrie Johnson, Microbial generation of sulfuric acid from granular elemental sulfur in laboratory-scale bioreactors, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 190, 2019

D.M. Núñez Ramírez, L.A. Ramírez Torres, L. Medina-Torres, F. Calderas, M.A. González Lozano, P. Ponce Peña, G. Fierros Romero, O. Manero, A rheological study of the bioleaching process of an iron ore for the elimination of gangue minerals, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 144, 2019

Arevik Vardanyan, Ioannis Vyrides, Acidophilic bioleaching at high dissolved organic compounds: Inhibition and strategies to counteract this, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 143, 2019

Alfonso Mazuelos, Nieves Iglesias-González, Cristina Montes-Rosúa, Juan Lorenzo-Tallafigo, Rafael Romero, Francisco Carranza, A new thiosalt depuration bioprocess for water- recycling in metallic sulphide mineral processing, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 143, 2019

Long Zhang, Sharath Ankathi, Mingming Zhang, Timothy Eisele, Bio-extraction of phosphorus from goethite ore with alkali addition, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 141, 2019

Alessandra Giordani, Renata Piacentini Rodriguez, Giselle Patrícia Sancinetti, Elize Ayumi Hayashi, Euzébio Beli, Gunther Brucha, Effect of low pH and metal content on microbial community structure in an anaerobic sequencing batch reactor treating acid mine drainage, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 141, 2019

Junmo Ahn, Jiajia Wu, Jaewoo Ahn, Jaeheon Lee, Comparative investigations on sulfidic gold ore processing: A novel biooxidation process option, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 140, 2019

Tao Huang, Longfei Liu, Shuwen Zhang, Recovery of cobalt, lithium, and manganese from the cathode active materials of spent lithium-ion batteries in a bio-electro-hydrometallurgical process, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 188, 2019

Mohammad Sadeghi Sadeghabad, Nazanin Bahaloo-Horeh, Seyyed Mohammad Mousavi, Using bacterial culture supernatant for extraction of manganese and zinc from waste alkaline button-cell batteries, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 188, 2019

Gautier Laurent, Caroline Izart, Bénédicte Lechenard, Fabrice Golfier, Philippe Marion, Pauline Collon, Laurent Truche, Jean-Jacques Royer, Lev Filippov, Numerical modelling of column experiments to investigate in-situ bioleaching as an alternative mining technology, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 188, 2019

Natalya Fomchenko, Taisiia Uvarova, Maxim Muravyov, Effect of mineral composition of sulfidic polymetallic concentrates on non-ferrous metals bioleaching, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 138, 2019

Xing-fu Zheng, Li-zhu Liu, Zhen-yuan Nie, Yi Yang, Jian-hua Chen, Hong-ying Yang, Jin-lan Xia, The differential adsorption mechanism of hexahydrated iron and hydroxyl irons on a pyrite (1 0 0) surface: A DFT study and XPS characterization, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 138, 2019

Mehdi Ghadiri, Susan T.L. Harrison, Marijke A. Fagan-Endres, Effect of surfactant on the growth and activity of microorganisms in a heap bioleaching system, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 138, 2019

Kojo T. Konadu, Robert J. Huddy, Susan T.L. Harrison, Kwadwo Osseo-Asare, Keiko Sasaki, Sequential pretreatment of double refractory gold ore (DRGO) with a thermophilic iron oxidizing archeaon and fungal crude enzymes, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 138, 2019

Dieu Huynh, Fabian Giebner, Stefan R. Kaschabek, Javier Rivera-Araya, Gloria Levican, Wolfgang Sand, Michael Schlömann, Effect of sodium chloride on Leptospirillum ferriphilum DSM 14647T and Sulfobacillus thermosulfidooxidans DSM 9293T: Growth, iron oxidation activity and bioleaching of sulfidic metal ores, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 138, 2019

C.K. Tanne, A. Schippers, Electrochemical investigation of chalcopyrite (bio)leaching residues, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 187, 2019

Sumana Sannigrahi, K. Suthindhiran, Metal recovery from printed circuit boards by magnetotactic bacteria, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 187, 2019

Danilo Borja, Kim Anh Nguyen, Rene A. Silva, Emmanuel Ngoma, Jochen Petersen, Susan T.L. Harrison, Jay Hyun Park, Hyunjung Kim, Continuous bioleaching of arsenopyrite from mine tailings using an adapted mesophilic microbial culture, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 187, 2019

V. Aishvarya, S. Barman, N. Pradhan, M.K. Ghosh, Selective enhancement of Mn bioleaching from ferromanganese ores in presence of electron shuttles using dissimilatory Mn reducing consortia, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 186, 2019

Danyal Karbalaei Saleh, Hadi Abdollahi, Mohammad Noaparast, Alireza Fallah Nosratabad, Olli H. Tuovinen, Dissolution of Al from metakaolin with carboxylic acids produced by Aspergillus niger, Penicillium bilaji, Pseudomonas putida, and Pseudomonas koreensis, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 186, 2019

Yi Yang, Weihua Liu, Xiyu Gao, Miao Chen, An XAS study of silver species evolution in silver-catalysed chalcopyrite bioleaching, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 186, 2019

Seifollah Akbari, Ali Ahmadi, Recovery of copper from a mixture of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and sulphidic tailings using bioleaching and solvent extraction processes, Chemical Engineering and Processing - Process Intensification, Vol. 142, 2019

Arite Werner, André Rieger, Kristian Helbig, Benjamin Brix, Jörg Zocher, Roland Haseneder, Jens-Uwe Repke, Nanofiltration for the recovery of indium and germanium from bioleaching solutions, Separation and Purification Technology, Vol. 224, 2019

Hongbo Zhao, Yisheng Zhang, Xian Zhang, Lu Qian, Menglin Sun, Yu Yang, Yansheng Zhang, Jun Wang, Hyunjung Kim, Guanzhou Qiu, The dissolution and passivation mechanism of chalcopyrite in bioleaching: An overview, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 136, 2019

Romy Auerbach, Katrin Bokelmann, Rudolf Stauber, Oliver Gutfleisch, Sylvia Schnell, Stefan Ratering, Critical raw materials – Advanced recycling technologies and processes: Recycling of rare earth metals out of end of life magnets by bioleaching with various bacteria as an example of an intelligent recycling strategy, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 134, 2019

Muhammad Arinanda, Quentin van Haute, Fanny Lambert, Stoyan Gaydardzhiev, Effects of operational parameters on the bio-assisted leaching of metals from pyrolized printed circuit boards, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 134, 2019

Danielle Maass, Alexsandra Valério, Luís Antonio Lourenço, Débora de Oliveira, Dachamir Hotza, Biosynthesis of iron oxide nanoparticles from mineral coal tailings in a stirred tank reactor, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 184, 2019

Mouna H.M., Saroj Sundar Baral, A bio-hydrometallurgical approach towards leaching of lanthanum from the spent fluid catalytic cracking catalyst using Aspergillus niger, Hydrometallurgy, Vol. 184, 2019

Mujgan Yildiz, Tulay Yilmaz, Cemile Seyma Arzum, Adem Yurtsever, Anna H. Kaksonen, Deniz Ucar, Sulfate reduction in acetate- and ethanol-fed bioreactors: Acidic mine drainage treatment and selective metal recovery, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 133, 2019

Patrícia Cardoso Matias, Edson Marcio Mattiello, Wedisson Oliveira Santos, Jorge Luis Badel, Víctor Hugo Alvarez V., Solubilization of a K-silicate rock by Acidithiobacillus thiooxidans, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 132, 2019

Anastasia Adamou, Antonis Nicolaides, Constantinos Varotsis, Bio-hydrometallurgy dynamics of copper sulfide-minerals probed by micro-FTIR mapping and Raman microspectroscopy, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 132, 2019

Axel Schippers, Christoph Tanne, Jens Stummeyer, Torsten Graupner, Sphalerite bioleaching comparison in shake flasks and percolators, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 132, 2019

Anna H Kaksonen, Christina Morris, Jian Li, Jason Wylie, Kayley Usher, Felipe Hilario, Chris du Plessis, The fate and impact of contaminants in a biological iron oxidation and jarosite precipitation process, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 132, 2019

Daniella González, Yun Liu, Denys Villa Gomez, Gordon Southam, Sabrina Hedrich, Pedro Galleguillos, Camila Colipai, Ivan Nancucheo, Performance of a sulfidogenic bioreactor inoculated with indigenous acidic communities for treating an extremely acidic mine water, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 131, 2019

Fabian Giebner, Laura Kaden, Oliver Wiche, Judith Tischler, Simone Schopf, Michael Schlömann, Bioleaching of cobalt from an arsenidic ore, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 131, 2019

Hadi Abdollahi, Mohammad Noaparast, Sied Ziaedin Shafaei, Ata Akcil, Sandeep Panda, Mohammad Hazrati Kashi, Pouya Karimi, Prediction and optimization studies for bioleaching of molybdenite concentrate using artificial neural networks and genetic algorithm, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 130, 2019



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